How Much Does Training Collar Cost?

Dog wearing a dog training collar the price of a dog training collar is between 20 and 150 euros. It may vary depending on the type (manual or electric), manufacturing material, size or the options included.

Among the high-ranking models we can mention the Yuanj Beeper collar for hunting dogs that costs 130 euros; or the Petrainer Original brand that is available for around 80 euros.

You also have affordable and high-quality options, for example, the Focuspet brand’s waterproof, rechargeable and cordless model that costs about 40 euros; or the Wodondog with vibration and sound for about 30 euros.

How does a training collar work?

My dog training collar seeks to correct the inappropriate actions that your dog performs through a type of negative stimulus. These stimuli can be given by pulling on the leash, by vibration, loud sounds and even by a small electric shock that can be controlled remotely.

Nowadays, there are even some models that give off an unpleasant odor to your nose whenever you misbehave. This stimulation emitted by training collars, especially electric ones, can be continuous, warning or momentary.

With the continuous you can apply the effect until the dog stops doing the wrong action; the momentary one is a short shock and the warning indicates to the animal with a beep or sound that if it continues the shock will come.

The most advanced models of training collars can include a communication function with which the dog, from a distance, can listen to what you indicate, like a kind of walkie-talkie.

How to use a training collar?

Dog learning the main function of the dog training collar is to modify unwanted behaviors and reinforce those already learned. The first thing to keep in mind to use it is that it is important to place it correctly so that it does not bother the animal.

Afterwards, it is recommended that it be left on for a few days so that it becomes familiar and thus does not associate negative stimuli with the collar due to its inappropriate behavior.

When you decide to use it, it is important to adjust the level of sound and stimulation. Find a spot with little distraction, grab the remote, make sure it’s charged, and help your dog understand the negative stimulus. It starts with a low level stimulation, if no response is observed; it goes to the next level.

Every time he improves his answer, reward him and verbally praise him. We recommend that those rewards be different depending on the role. You will see how it will change progressively. Of course, remember that the training collar is a complementary tool that must go hand in hand with an adequate training technique.

Is the training collar dangerous?

As a general rule, this type of dog collar is not dangerous in itself. It is also true that it will depend on the use you give it and whether you are going to use it for good purposes or not, as in many other products.

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