How Students Can Deal with Stress

Relaxed During The Preparation

There are so many articles written on coping with stress by the students but students usually never follow the suggestions given in those articles because they think that they are fine then what is the need of reading such articles but what they don’t know is that stress enters the mind and lifestyle very silently and destroys the academic performance of students and they usually do not get the chance to stand in front of attack of stress. According to School LMS student life is full of learning, that too a lot of things. But these days the objective of learning has shifted from gaining knowledge to earn good marks only, to becoming first in class only or to come in the list toppers only. This foremost purpose of learning and enhancing knowledge has lost somewhere in today’s students. This changed perspective of study has put a lot of pressure on student’s minds these days due to which their childhood, their jolliness of their age is getting crushed somewhere and even students of very tender age are living under pressure and depression. School LMS states that in order to achieve higher position in the class, students are spending more time in front of the screen on the computer or in books rather than focusing on their mental and physical fitness too. When students are taught in the classroom, it is seen that very rarely tutors notice if students are facing any problem while studying. Today usually the classrooms have become just a robotic medium where course material is completed whether students get the topic or not.

Sometimes stress brings out a better competitor from us but sometimes it pushes us into depression too. To stay away from the side effects of stress students need to apply some measures to their daily routine of normal life as well as student life. Because this stress level is giving many physical and mental problems to the students such as eye glasses of high power, migraine, low memory power etc. So, let’s discuss how students can enjoy studies without putting a single bit of stress on their minds. Elders being experienced help better in such situations but sometimes peers help a lot as they might also have suffered the same situation the student is going through. Sometimes stress can be emotionally draining like death of a dear one or a close pet and in such situations peers help a lot to overcome. Sometimes some feelings which are close enough to stress can make students go mad completely, such as after so many efforts if students get less marks, then the anxiety and stress makes them shout at family members and others. Students need to sit with calm in a corner of room and then they should think why they are feeling so and find something which can distract from stress immediately like listening music or watching movie and when mind gets calm down then think about the way to overcome.

Excessive stress level is making students skip their classes due to which now school managements are adopting the student attendance management system. Student attendance management system maps the attendance of students and their interest level to make needful improvements. To escape from excessive stress students should plan their study always because stress starts from unorganised study. Hence, student should make a clear and good study plan where he/she include schedule that what time should be given to which subject and also this time table should include daily routines of student also like eating, playing games, a little stroll and also spending time with family because this keeps mind fresh and healthy when one spends time with peers and family. Managing everything will make the student organized and far away from stress. Students should never neglect their health during their study period. Students often do everything in order to secure first position in the class and in this order, they neglect their meal time and physical fitness. Hence, they lose their health and physical balance. Hence, it is necessary that students should exercise on a regular basis and participate in various physical activities so as to keep the body fit and in the same way, they should take green vegetables in food and necessary nutrients also in their meal. With complete calm, a student should find out the root cause of the issue which is causing stress and on the basis of suggestions received from learned people he or she should solve the issue causing stress.

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