How to Add Rich Snippet for SEO: The Complete Guide

Search engine optimization is all about getting your content noticed. With more and more users turning to search engines for answers, you need to make sure your website gets the exposure it deserves. Google has made it easier than ever to get a rich snippet for SEO in your blog by adding Schema Markup. However, there are things you need to know before adding Schematica Markup. Let’s look at how an seo singapore adds Rich Snippets for SEO in detail.

What is a Rich Snippet for SEO?

Google has made it easier than ever to get a rich snippet for SEO in your blog by adding Schema Markup. With the help of Schema Markup, you can now add rich content to your blog posts and make them search engine friendly by making them more appealing to the visitors. Schema Markup allows you to create a structured document that explains the information in your content. This helps search engines better understand the content, which in turn helps them improve their algorithms to show your content better in search results. The rich snippets offered by Google can be used for increasing click-through-rates (CTR) of your blog’s pages and improving your blog’s rank in the search results. Google has also announced that it will be deprecating the use of RDFa in 2017, which means that rich snippets won’t be available after March 2017.

How to Add Schema Markup in a Blog Post?

Now that you know what rich snippets are, let us understand how to add this markup in a blog post. First, you need to ensure that your blog supports Schema Markup. The blog must be enabled to add Schema Markup. To enable Schema Markup on your blog, you have to add the following code to your blog post: script> if(typeof googleSheets === “undefined”) { var gclid = “”; var glcId = “”; var glcGlue = “”; var glcConfig = {}; var glcConfig2 = {}; glcConfig.version = 1; glcConfig2.version = 1; google.script.setConfig({version: 1}); } if(typeof GM_googleScripts === “undefined”) { var GM_googleScripts = []; } GM_googleScripts.push(“script>if(typeof GM_GoogleScripts === ‘undefined’){GM_GoogleScripts=[];}/script>”);

Different markup formats for Rich Snippet for SEO

If you use the div> tags for adding Rich Snippet for SEO, search engines may consider your page as a blog and not a website. To avoid this, you can use other markup formats to add Schema Markup in your blog. You can use article> tags to add h2> and h3> tags to explain your content. You can also add p> tags to explain your product information, feature details, and more.

Benefits of adding rich snippet for SEO

Rich snippets have helped bloggers generate better traffic and increase the number of visitors to their blog. You can grow your blog’s audience by adding rich snippets in your posts. With the help of rich snippets, Google can understand the content you are writing and show your posts in the search results. Rich snippets are a part of Google’s new method for ranking pages for specific keywords. Google can show the specific bits of information that are relevant to the topic of your blog post. As a result, your pages will appear in the top search results for specific keywords.


Rich Snippet for SEO is a new Google algorithm update for blogs and is now available for installation. With the help of this update, your posts can now receive more traffic and get more click-through-rate from the search engine. Rich Snippet for SEO is powered by Schema Markup and can be understood by the search engine bots. Now, the bot searching engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. can understand your content better. With the help of this update, you can now create content that is structured and has better information for your audience. This helps Google understand your content better, which in turn helps them show your posts better in the search results.

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