How to be calm as an entrepreneur during tough times


Jignesh Barasara is a great business entrepreneur and below mentioned are some of his always to deal with tough times, being an enterpreneur.

Take care of yourself:-

Good habits such as eating well, sleeping well and doing exercise regularly seldom come together. Though they are always important, they become indispensable especially when you are going through a bad phase. As an entrepreneur, stress and tension will always accompany you on your entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of yourself, when you are trying to weather those tough times that every entrepreneur has to go through in his or her lifetime. The three basic components of taking care of yourself are eating well, sleeping well and doing exercises.

Eat well:-

When we say eat well, the main aim is to develop a eating habit following which you eat a balanced diet. Eating healthy food helps a great deal to fight stress, depression and also helps you sleep better. Your diet should comprise of sufficient carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein.


Just like healthy eating habits, physical activity also carries immense benefits for both physical and mental health. Practicing regular exercise being an entrepreneur can help you keep your thinking and analysing skills sharp. Various studies suggest that doing exercise for 30 min to 60 min can help you keep your mental strength at its best and help you to understand spontaneous changes as an entrepreneur.

Sleep Well:-

This is also one of the most important parameters of taking care of yourself. By sleeping well, you get benefits such as improved memory, increased life span, lowers stress, prevents accidents and keeps stress and depression at bay. Some very simple ways to achieve sleeping well are sleeping and getting up at same time, following some evening routine and turning off mobile and lights one hour prior to sleep.


This is one of the most efficient ways to keep calm and perform better. Meditation further increases self awareness, emotional intelligence and reduces depression. Also, meditation helps you to understand and respond better to a particular scenario. Meditating daily helps you to think clearly abd think better.

Do something fun:-

Social connections are known to improve mental health and keep minds active. As an entrepreneur it’s important that you spend some time away from your business. This will help you rewire your brain again for better thinking. Always remember that starting a business is a long term thing. Therefore, plan each move with lots of love.

Invest in yourself:-

Investing time in yourself is actually a kind of therapy. When you are going through a tough time you need your own space to understand and reflect upon the situation to handle it better. As an entrepreneur, invest at least one hour per week in yourself. This will help you to remain in a good shape both physically and mentally.


Following the above mentioned tips given by Jignesh Barasara, the great business entrepreneur tips will certainly help you to tackle the tough times in a much better way, as an entrepreneur.

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