How to De-Stress at Home Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

With all of the news constantly giving us grim outlooks and the number of COVID-19 cases rising each day around the world, it can certainly cause unwanted stress. The pandemic has thrown our lives out of order and things won’t be back to ‘normal’ for quite some time. Many people have lost their jobs or received pay cut-backs that threaten their ability to pay the bills and feed their families. All of these factors and the unknown future weigh heavily, but stressing about them will only hurt our health and peace of mind. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and these de-stressing techniques can help us reach it in good spirits.

Prepare & Yield Instead of Panic

Discovering what is causing your stress is the first step to remedying it. For some, it may be easy to identify, like loss of employment, but for others, the source may be less conspicuous. It could be a simple change in your routine, a new sense of isolation because of social distancing, difficulty concentrating on your work while at home, or a lack of sleep. These stress factors may have even caused you to cope in unhealthy ways like eating more junk food, increasing your alcohol or caffeine consumption, or turning to distractions like social media. Once you identify the cause of your stress, you can take baby steps to improve the situation at hand. 

Sips for Serenity

Teas are often overlooked and forgotten as a source for de-stressing. Sipping on a steamy hot cup of tea seems to make you slow down and enjoy the little things. It is well known that certain types of teas can help lighten your mood and promote calm feelings. Every person is different, so finding the right teas that work best to relieve your stress can take some trial and error. Some of the more common teas that have been used to destress include:

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Kava
  • Peppermint
  • Passionflower
  • Ginseng
  • Lemon Balm

These teas are all caffeine-free, so they won’t make you extra alert, jittery, or anxious. Many are made from all-natural ingredients and you can sip on them all day long to help you relax. Even just breathing in the aroma from your hot tea can be soothing.

Take Time to Step Away Throughout Each Day

During these times, it can be easy to stay glued to the news on television or news outlets on your phone. Every media station is covering the coronavirus with live and constant updates. If you now have to work from home, screen time can seem continuous. Take breaks from it all and focus on your own mental health and that of your family. Even though many people are on lock-down, that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Spring is here, which means you can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing garden, a better play yard for your kids, or an outdoor kitchen for your inner grill master. Or, you can still take outings to parks and walks down the street as long as you respect the social distancing guidelines for everyone’s protection.   

Turn Your Passions/Creative Work into a Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Now is the time to really delve into your hobbies that can be done at home. Creative projects are a great way to kill some boredom and focus your attention on something other than stressing out. You can get extra motivated by thinking of a project that you can give to a loved one or that will make a treasured keepsake. Painting, drawing, pottery, sewing, woodworking, and other crafts are excellent examples of some fun activities you can do alone or with your family. Get inspired by searching the web for craft project ideas. During this time of relaxation, try incorporating some breathing therapy to destress.

Give Different Online Movement Classes a Try Until You Find One You LOVE

Since gyms are closed, it may be harder for you to find the motivation to workout without equipment. Luckily, the internet has a wealth of workout classes, dance routines, yoga stretches, and exercises that you can do right in your own home. You can find the right workout for your interests, level of fitness, and even ones to get your whole family involved. Don’t give up until you find something that you love! There are also plenty of fitness apps that will keep you on track to reach your health goals.

Refresh Your Space for a Healthy Home

Remember that wallpaper you wanted to take down, that shelf you wanted to install, and the family pictures that need hung up? Giving your house a fresh look and a new sense of hominess can make it more relaxing and comforting. Don’t forget to open the curtains and let in some healthy sunshine, too! Springtime during a pandemic is also the perfect time to deep clean and make your home shine.

Develop a New Routine for Your Home Schedule

Everyone’s normal routine has been disrupted, so it’s the perfect time to start a new routine. Take this opportunity to make positive changes to your daily activities. If you want to wake up earlier to get things done, add more exercises to your day, or keep a neater house, then do it.

Introduce Something New or Revisit a Past Passion

Starting a new hobby or reviving an old passion is an excellent way to take your mind off of depressing things. Since restaurants are closed for dining in, now is a great time to try new healthy recipes and enhance your cooking skills. If you’ve been meaning to eat healthier, it can really help improve your mood and your body now. You may even want to try incorporating some CBD  as a way to naturally and powerfully de-stress. Create useful things for around the house like DIY soaps, home decor, or try quilting. You may impress yourself with how creative you can be! 

However you decide to de-stress during this trying time, remember there’s a silver lining to every cloud and the sun will shine again. Help yourself and your loved ones get through this pandemic the best that you can and look forward to a better tomorrow with these de-stressing tips.

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