How to Design Flower Baskets

Flower baskets are one of the most popular types of floral arrangements and are used for a variety of occasions, from weddings and graduations to home decor. With a variety of types and sizes of baskets available from fleuroom wholesalers, the design possibilities are nearly endless.

As a result, the choices can often be overwhelming, and many people don’t know where to start when designing a basket arrangement. To help you through the design process, here are five important features to consider when designing a flower basket:

  1. The Basket: At the beginning of the design of a flower basket, it is useful to build the design around the basket. Wholesalers have a wide selection of baskets in many different colors, styles and sizes. After you decide on a basket, you can think about how different colors and designs would fit your basket and create a design from there.
  2. Color Scheme: even though each flower is beautiful on its own, you can’t put them together randomly. Before you start putting the arrangement together, think carefully about a color scheme to make sure the rest of the arrangement emerges from the design and makes sense.
  3. Patterns and Geometry: people are naturally attracted to geometric patterns. So if you put together an arrangement with a pattern and a purpose, it will add to the visual appeal of the basket.
    Remember that flower arrangements should have a design purpose. Whether you arrange the flowers in a specific pattern or alternating colors, the flower arrangements should serve a specific purpose, making them more attractive to the eye.
  4. Fragrance: before arranging a flower basket, consider combining flowers that not only look good together, but also olfactory. Combining strongly scented flowers with those with a mild fragrance is a great way to create a pleasant aroma without overwhelming the senses.
  5. Non-traditional elements: Combining flowers with other non-floral elements such as grasses, twigs, bark and leaves can create a visually striking arrangement that stands out from the crowd. When designing, let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to incorporate new and unusual elements into your arrangement. The result might pleasantly surprise you!

Designing flower baskets is a sought-after art that any good florist can master. Thanks to their versatility, the design options for these baskets are limited only by your imagination. While the sheer amount of design options is overwhelming, the process can be simplified and streamlined by following the five design steps above and carefully considering each one.

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