How to Draw a Cartoon Earth A Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw a Cartoon Earth

How to Draw a Cartoon Earth A Step-by-Step Manual

People have many differences, and sometimes it can be challenging for some to agree, but the one thing we all have in common is that we all share the same Earth. Because we all live on this planet, it has been depicted in many different artworks and other forms. Now you can create your piece of art as we learn how to draw a cartoon Earth in this guide! We’ve got a cool and unique interpretation of our giant blue planet for you to work through in this tutorial, so you’ll want to complete all six steps! Get ready for a trip around our planet as we start this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon Earth in just six easy steps.

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How to draw a cartoon Earth – let’s get initiated!

Step 1

As expected, we will start this Cartoon Earth drawing with a round shape. This round shape will be a little less conventional than you might expect! As you can see in the last images of the guide, we will cover this cartoon of the Earth with lots of fun details. Therefore, we will leave many spaces where the details will stand out in this circle. Therefore, we suggest drawing a perfect circle with a pencil. You could use a drawing compass to support you with this! Then carefully follow the reference image to erase the little gaps in the same places as us. You can even leave this circle in pencil until all the details have been added if you prefer. !

Step 2

We will add the beginning of the continents in this second step of our guide on drawing a cartoon Earth. Like the rest of the design, these will be pretty unusual in that they will have the appearance of standing out from the surface. Of the planet a little. Try to carefully follow the reference image we provided to draw these continents and then add some outlines around them to give them some depth. You’ll notice that we still have a lot of small spaces around the outline, but these will fill up soon!

Step 3

Now we can begin adding some of the fun details we have in stock for this drawing. We’ll make an excellent effect where certain aspects like trees and animals are visible and disproportionately large. For now, we’ll add some palm trees and clouds to the top right continent. Then we will draw some pine trees and a bear with mountains in the lower right continent. It looks great already, but we’re not done yet, so let’s move on!

Step 4

Continuing with this cartoonish drawing of the Earth, we will add more details that stick out from the Earth in this fourth part. The focus of this fourth step will be on the continent on the upper left side of the planet. We will add a forest of trees that have thin trunks and large leafy bushes on top. You can also draw more birds and clouds in this section! Once all these details have been drawn, we can start adding details and finishing touches in the next step of the guide.

step 5

You’re ready to add the final details to this image in this fifth step of our guide on drawing a cartoon Earth! In this part, we will fill in the final spaces on the bottom left side of the planet. This time, we’ll add a large tree that looks like an acacia you’d find in Africa. Once this tree and the other little details for this continent have been added, you can also add some additional ideas of your own! You could add more minor details to the continents to better distinguish them, or maybe even draw a background behind the Earth. There are so many fun ideas you could try, so how do you think you’ll finish this drawing before the final step? We can’t wait to see what unique ideas you have!

Step 6

It’s time to finish this drawing with some color! As with the rest of this design, we’ve taken a fun and unusual approach to the colors we used for this image. We used some lovely blues for the Earth‘s waters, lots of greens, browns, and other colors for the continents, and the details that jut out from them. This example image we include is just an example that you could use as inspiration for your image. However, you should feel free to use whatever colors and art tools you like. We recommend art mediums like colored pens, pencils, or fine-tipped brushes, which will give you a lot of precision, but you should use whatever inspiration.

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