How to draw a Motorcycle

How to draw a Motorcycle

How to draw a Motorcycle. The motorcycle, also known as motorcycle, bicycle, or cycle, is a two-wheeled vehicle fed by an engine. The design of a motorcycle varies to respond to different purposes, such as long-range travel, travel, sports, and off-road cruising. Today’s extreme popularity of motorcycles has created a huge request for a free motorcycle design tutorial. Now you asked, so we delivered. 

Finally, we present a tutorial on how to draw a motorcycle, summarized in 9 fast and easy steps. This guide consists of easy instructions and a corresponding illustration to facilitate the process! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing of Motorcycle

Step 1:

Draw two circles with another smaller circle inside the middle of your role. It forms the front and rear wheels of the motorcycle. Make sure the wheels will be drawn in the right place, creating reference lines. Draw a horizontal and vertical line believed in its role. The wheels should be drawn just below the horizontal line in the middle.

Step 2:

Draw a curved and elongated figure with conical ends above the upper right side of the front wheel. Then draw another figure with a similar form above the rear wheel. It forms the platforms at the top of the two wheels. These two platforms also serve as a hard shell of protection, covering the wheels.

Step 3:

Draw a slightly diagonal tree directly connected to the front wheel. Add a larger line figure at the tree’s bottom, middle, and top. It creates motorcycle coatings and handles. Then draw a semicircle on the right side in the middle of the tree we draw earlier. It forms the lighthouse in front of the motorcycle. Then draw two parallel diagonal lines through the headlight.

Step 4:

Draw a curved figure attached to the platform just above the rear wheel. It creates the motorcycle siege, where the runners are assisted when driving the motorcycle.

Step 5:

Draw an irregular side oval shape next to the motorcycle seat. It forms the motorcycle gas tank where gas is stored. Make sure the left side of the figure is wider and more rounded, while the right side should be narrower and conical.

Step 6:

Draw a sloping cube with curved edges right under the gas tank. It forms the motorcycle oil tank. For the rear light, draw a semicircle with two lines in the middle stuck to the platform above the rear wheel. It creates the rear light of the motorcycle.

Step 7:

Draw a side-lying directly connected to the oil tank, which we drew in the previous step. It creates the motorcycle silencer. Remember that the silencer should start from the oil tank and extend to the motorcycle’s rear wheel, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 8:

How to draw a Motorcycle

Draw two parallel lines that connect the motorcycle shaft and the oil tank at the bottom. Then draw a sloping line that connects the oil tank and the platform above the rear wheel. It structures the body that supports all parts of the motorcycle. As you can see in the illustration, the motorcycle is almost finished! Now, all that is missing are some details and standards to finish the drawing!

Step 9:

How to draw a Motorcycle

Add several short lines around the edge of the two wheels. Then draw diagonal lines parallel to the surface of the oil tank. It adds details and models to the motorcycle, which makes it more realistic! Be sure to add some more visible square figures more visible under the center to meet all aspects of the motorcycle! There you got a motorcycle! Finally, it’s time to add colors to the motorcycle to make it colorful and even more realistic!

Motorcycles exist in many colors, offering many color options to choose from the motorcycle! Feel free to use all the colors you prefer. We suggest that you use more than one color to bring the motorcycle! Have fun playing with the colors, and look at the bike ends in life!

Pass your motorcycle drawing to the top level

Take a look at these tips that will help you improve your drawing even more! Drawing a motorcycle is not easy; the one we worked on in this guide presented some challenges we wanted to help him overcome. Once you have compensation for this motorcycle sketch, you can change certain details to create a new style. Changes in details, such as wheels, handlebars, keeps them and other elements, can help radically change the drawing. Do you have a favorite motorcycle brand that you can recreate?

If you want to support our previous suggestion or make the existing drawing more detailed, consider using a type of reference. You can use photos online or ask someone you know who may have a whole motorcycle. Utilizing a real connection can help you complete drawing the smallest details easier! It can also help make it as realistic as possible. Then we recommend that you add a background to this motorcycle drawing. It will allow you to show where you would like to navigate this motorcycle. There are so numerous locations that you can draw in the background. After choosing a background parameter, you can also add a motorcycle driver.

You can make it seem like you give the impression that you are the one who rolls it! Part of what makes a cool motorcycle is the colors used to decorate it. We show you a way to color it in the guide, but you can use all the other colors you want to create your perfect model. During coloring, you can use some means that allow more accuracy. Pin, pencils, and colored markers are perfect for coloring small spaces and details and, therefore, would be perfect for details such as mirrors, wheels, and handlebars.

Your motorcycle drawing is complete!

We hope you have fun designing a motorcycle with this step drawing. Now that you can sketch a motorcycle drawing a symbol that directs a motorcycle is a great idea for your next drawing activity! Discover our tutorials on how to draw a boy or girl to get there! 

A motorcycle has complex characteristics and patterns so that you can achieve great success! Be sure to take a picture of your work prime and share it on our Facebook and Pinterest. You worked so much for that, so it’s worth sharing! We are very pleased to see your cool motorcycle drawing!

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