How to draw a Pokeball

How to draw a Pokeball

How to draw a Pokeball. Pokémon is one of the most famous series in the world! These animals have emerged in video games, TV shows, movies, readers, comics, and many other forms of media. One of the numerous essential things in the Pokemon world is the Pokéball, which is used to capture more Pokemon. They’re also a recognizable symbol of the series, and learning to draw a Pokéball can be a great way to show your love for the series.

Drawing a Pokéball may be more difficult than expected since it’s not just a simple circle, but this guide will make it much easier! Grab your favored Pokemon and want this step-by-step manual on removing a Pokéball in just 6 degrees! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, fish drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Pokeball

Step 1:

We’ll start this guide on how to draw a Pokéball by outlining the ball. We’ll draw a circular shape so you can use a drawing compass for this step and the next. As mentioned above, we won’t be drawing a simple circle in this guide and will focus on the middle of the Pokéball. If you’re using a drawing compass, draw a semicircle with the tool, but halfway through the mark, draw a few small bumps where the two halves of the ball connect. Once you have drawn these lines, you are ready for step 2.

Step 2:

You can meet the other half of your Pokeball drawing plan in this second step. It is another step where you can use a drawing compass for the curve of the ball. The curve of the bottom half of the ball will start at the central bulge you drew in the previous step. It will complete the Pokéball schematic, and we can add more details in the next steps!

Step 3:

Part of the iconic Pokeball drawing is the round part connected to the center strip of the ball. It is what we will draw in this step of our guide to drawing a Pokéball. To do this, we’ll extend a few slightly curved lines inward from the bumps you drew on the system in the last steps. These lines will top in a central circular form in the center, serving as the button that opens the Pokéball.

Step 4:

Your Pokeball drawing will be pretty simple for you! All we’ll do for now is add some detail to the button you drew in the last step. To do this, you can draw a ring inside the switch and another inside near the outline. Once you’ve drawn the button details, we can finish the drawing in the next step before adding color.

Step 5:

How to draw a Pokeball

In the different Pokémon shows, plays, and other media, the Pokéballs will usually glance nice and shiny. We’ll draw this shiny detail in this step of our guide to drawing a Pokéball. To start with these details, you can draw a circular shape near the top of the Pokéball for thoughtful detail. Then draw a short curved bar near the left corner of the center strip of the Poké Ball. You can then finish by adding another curved line starting at the center rail and going to the side of the ball on the bottom half.

Once you’ve drawn those reflective details, you’re done with the final details of the Pokéball! However, you don’t have to move on just yet, and you can do plenty of things to twist this drawing. A good idea that you could choose would be to draw your favorite Pokémon that emerges from the Poké Ball. There are also other deviations of Pokeballs, and you can draw some of these variations. How will you customize this drawing before coloring it for the last step?

Step 6:

How to draw a Pokeball

This last step of your Pokeball drawing will allow you to add amazing colors to your picture. The traditional Pokeball colors are black, white, and red for the center stripe. We’ve gone with this color scheme in our reference image but modified it by using different shades of red and gray for the two halves. Then we used slightly darker grays for the center stripe of the ball to finish it off.

If you wanted to create different variations of Pokeball, you could use different colors to create one, like the Great Ball or even the awesome Master Ball. If you’ve drawn additional details or added Pokémon, you can also incorporate more colors by coloring those aspects. Then you can have fun playing around with different media and art tools. We can’t stay to notice how you end.

Create your Pokeball drawing even better.

You’ll want to follow these tips for your Pokeball sketch! This picture of a Pokeball offers a traditional Pokeball with a deep red and white structure that is considered common. It shows just one of the many Pokeball variations that can be found in the series and games. If you wanted to create a few versions of the Pokéball, you could create some of these other variations. Some of these Pokéballs have colors like yellow, blue, and black. What additional Pokeballs could you complete for this image? The Pokémon series is filled with many great human characters who would use a Pokéball like this. 

You can add one of these characters to show who will wield it! One of the major characters in the string is Ash Ketchum. He would be a significant symbol to count, but he’s far from the best. You can ask the character of your choice to hold the ball or throw it. What other characters could you add? Adding human characters is one thing, but you could also put tons of Pokemon in your Pokeball drawing! There are hundreds of these characters to choose from. You could go for a familiar one like Pikachu, or you could go for a more unusual one like Sudowoodo. 

These are just two of many; whichever you choose, you might feel like it’s fresh out of the Pokéball. Which of your famous Pokemon could you count on the image? Whether you added Pokemon or human characters, adding a background for the Pokeball sketch you created could be great. It is another one for you that would have plenty of options. You can play the background setting to create a scene if you have a favored battle from the series. Or, you can create a unique background instead. Where is this Pokeball used?

Your Pokeball drawing is complete!

You’ve reached the end of this guide on how to draw a Pokéball, and we hope you had an amazing time working on it! This drawing was deceptively difficult to draw as it contained delicate details. This guide was designed to show how fun and easy it can be to create this iconic Pokéball! Now you can have fun with Pokémon by adding your details and additions to the image. You can draw your favorite Pokémon from it or create Pokeball variants.

You might want great ideas, so be creative and have fun with them. We have more guides explaining how to draw more amazing series and other items for your enjoyment. Be sure to visit our website often, as we always upload new ones! Once you’ve completed your Pokeball drawing, we’d love to see your artwork! You can consult us by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to see it!

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