How to Draw Totoro

How to Draw Totoro

How to Draw Totoro. My neighbor Totoro is one of the numerous delectable energetic movies ever made. This anime classic produced by legendary Hayao Miyazaki enchanted old and old audiences with his charming story, characters, and soundtrack. Totoro’s character has also become quite symbolic, and so far, fans love to learn to draw Totoro so they can create artwork by presenting.

If you are one of these fans, you are the guide because we will guide you on drawing an adorable representation of the equally friendly Totoro. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing of Totoro

Step 1:

In this first stage of our guide on how to draw Totoro, we will not start with Totoro itself. Instead, we draw a border around you to help make this image even more charming. The edge will be oval and almost in the form of an egg. It should be much easier if you have a large plane oval object to track. Otherwise, you can slowly draw it manually. As you can see in our reference image, there will be two small gaps above this oval because your ears will cross later.

Step 2:

Now that you have finished the oval edge of your Totoro design, we can start drawing Totoro. To start doing it, you can draw two small circles relatively far away from each other. Add a point to everyone to finish throwing it in the eye. Then we will use curved lines to the sides of his head and add his ears.

Their ears resemble a rabbit, with a shredded line to the base and a round line to their top. Finally, draw a little black nose between the eyes with some details of the line above and attract six long mustaches to your face.

Step 3:

We will start drawing your body at this stage of our guide on how to draw Totoro. For your body, we will use a slightly rugged line to attract the arms extending from the head’s base. We will use this bumpy line to make it softer and fur. Then you can draw more irregular lines to the sides of the round belly inside your arms. The last thing we will add to the image will be to draw your small mouth. The mouth will be slightly reduced to give a little perplex expression.

Step 4:

Your Totoro design is already starting to take shape! Let’s go further in this fourth step, drawing some details with the legs. First, you can track another bumpy line similar to what you designed for the belly and arms at the top of your belly. Then we will draw curved shapes under this line. 

These shapes will be small and almost in the form of a boomerang, and there will be three, with four below them. Then add two rounded shapes to your body using this bumpy line to the top of the legs. We will finish our legs with some last details in the next game!

Step 5:

How to Draw Totoro

For this fifth step from our guide on how to draw Totoro, we will finish the image by adding your feet under your legs. The feet will be designed with rounded lines under the legs, and then we will draw three sharp claws. In addition, we will draw rounded shapes at the bottom of each foot for upholstery.

You can end up drawing claws at the ends of his arms so it’s ready for the last step! Before continuing, you can add additional details to the image to finish it. Maybe you can draw more characters from the movie or background with elements. How will you finish this drawing?

Step 6:

How to Draw Totoro

Now it’s time to finish your Totoro drawing, ending with excellent colors! In our reference image, we went with the colors with which Totoro is seen in the movie. It means we use gray and brown for most of your body and soft yellow for her belly. 

We finished coloring the oval shape around a beautiful red color rich with a little contrast. Will you use these colors or change them with your color options? We look forward to seeing which colors and averages you decide!

Make your Totoro drawing even better.

Celebrate this emblematic character with these tips for your Totoro Sketch! This Totoro drawing shows the emblematic character alone. There are many other memorable characters in the movie, and they can also be added to the scene! The most obvious example can be adding the little girl, Mei, who makes friends with Totoro. If you have other favorite characters from the movie, you can add them! What characters in the movie my Totoro wagon would you like to be part of this image you created? When you add characters to this image, you don’t have to stick to the Totoro movie. You can add characters from other Ghibli studio movies you love, for example!

You don’t have to stick to anime characters because you can incorporate Disney movie characters, for example. Your imagination is the only limit, so include all the characters you love! What are the characters from other media you would like to know? After deciding the characters you want to have in this Totoro drawing or not, you can add other accessories and items. One of the most emblematic images of the movie is Totoro with a guard -house in the rain. It would be a wonderful accessory to add to the image!

You can add other elements to your favorite movie scenes. If you cannot decide, you can draw some different variants! Finally, maybe the best way to play your favorite locations would be to count a location in your Totoro drawing. Let’s go back to Totoro’s example with your guard. If you wanted to go further, you could make the bus stop. He’s in this scene. It would be an idea, but another would be to show the famous Catbus in the background!

Your Totoro drawing is complete!

He is such a beloved and lovely character from an equally beloved movie, and we hope you had fun learning to draw it in this guide on how to draw Totoro! In this guide, we intend to ensure that the drawing is fun and easy, and we also want to make room for their creative keys. Adding details and background is a way to customize this drawing, but you can also change the colors and try different art supports.

As long as you have fun, you will surely end something great! We have more drawing guides on our site, and many of them present other beloved characters! You want to continue to check because we often download new ones. It would be great to see how your Totoro drawing is over, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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