How to manage an Avast subscription account?

does avast auto renew

Avast is a top security program that offers various tools and services to users. These security applications are available for all devices like PCs, Mac, and phone devices. Avast offers both free and paid antivirus plans to users. After installing the Avast program, the user can easily use files, surf the internet or do all jobs without any concerns.

In the free Avast plan, you get the basic security tools. If you need top programs for better protection, you have to purchase a subscription. The premium Avast antivirus provides various advanced tools that offer excellent data and internet security.

How to get an Avast antivirus subscription?

Avast antivirus provides paid plans for various devices. You can get the Avast setup and subscription from the website directly. Before purchasing the subscription, you should check all the specifications of your device. You can only use compatible Avast antivirus on your device. Go to the computer and check OS, RAM, free disk space, processor, etc. Now you have to choose a compatible Avast setup for the device.

  1. Open a web browser and search for Avast 
  2. Check for the Avast plans
  3. Choose a compatible Avast plan
  4. Hit on the Buy button
  5. Avast sign up page will appear
  6. If you have an Avast account then log in directly
  7. For new users, click on the Signup button
  8. Enter the personal details
  9. Type your email address
  10. Check the email for confirmation
  11. Now hit on Purchase button
  12. The billing page will appear
  13. Enter the billing details and tap on Confirm button

Avast billing process may take some time. Now check the registered email account. You will get an email from Avast antivirus. Click on the URL and Avast setup will start downloading. Run the setup to install on your device. After installing, you will get an Avast dashboard on the desktop. Restart the device and then run an Avast scan.

How to use Avast multi-license subscription?

Avast antivirus also provides multi-license subscriptions to the users. You can use a single Avast plan on several systems. Avast’s multi-license plan is platform-independent. You can use a single Avast subscription on various devices. This plan is useful when you have multiple devices.

You can also share the Avast antivirus among your family members. Purchase the setup from your Avast account. One of your devices will be the primary device. Now you can share the license from the primary device. Open the Avast dashboard on the primary device

  1. Click on share Avast license 
  2. Select the OS type of the secondary device
  3. Now you have to enter an email (this email should be open on the secondary device)
  4. Hit on the confirm button
  5. Avast email will be sent to the provided email address
  6. Go to the secondary device and open Avast email
  7. Click on the link and you will get an activation code

Install Avast antivirus and use the code to activate your Avast antivirus. Now you can use Avast antivirus on your secondary device. You can’t share the subscription or make any changes on the Avast account from the secondary system. The primary device can remove the subscription from the secondary device anytime. 

Avast antivirus auto-renewal plans

Does Avast auto renew plans? Yes, Avast antivirus provides auto-renewal on many of its premium plans. When the auto-renewal is enabled; your antivirus won’t expire. The plan will get renewed automatically before the expiry date. Auto-renew is helpful to keep the device always secured. When the antivirus expires; the device gets vulnerable to threats. With auto-renewal; your device will be secured always. 

  1. Open the browser and go to the Avast website
  2. Log in to the Avast antivirus
  3. Click on the subscription window
  4. Check your antivirus plan
  5. You will see the auto-renewal button
  6. Toggle the Avast antivirus auto-renewal button

Now your Avast antivirus setup will auto-renew automatically. But auto renewal plans may not be available on special Avast plans.

Avast antivirus free-trial plans

Avast antivirus also offers a free trial on its paid plans. If you are not sure which Avast plans to purchase; go for a free trial. You can use the paid tools of Avast antivirus for a month without paying anything. Go to the Avast antivirus, choose a plan, and select a free trial.

You have to provide all the personal and banking details while filling out the form for auto-renewal. Now you can run the Avast antivirus tools for a month. If you like the plan, you can continue using the plan and the payment will occur automatically after completing a month. In case you don’t like the Avast plan then you should cancel it before a month.

How to get a refund from Avast antivirus?

If you don’t like the Avast antivirus program then you can cancel it and get a refund. But you can only get a refund when the plan is under the refund policy. You can only apply for a refund within a month. 

  1. Open your Avast antivirus account
  2. Click on the subscription page
  3. Hit on your Avast plan
  4. Now tap on the Cancel button next to the plan
  5. A confirmation page will appear
  6. Choose Yes and select the Refund option

After confirmation, you will get an Avast refund mail on the registered email address. Now the user can’t access any of the paid tools of Avast antivirus. You will get the Avast refund within a few working days.

Can you transfer your antivirus subscription using an Avast account?

Yes, an Avast antivirus subscription can be transferred from one device to another. Say you have an Avast antivirus on the system but not you are using another device. You can easily transfer the Avast setup to another device. But you can transfer the setup only when both of the devices are using the same OS. You can’t transfer an Avast Windows plan on Mac unless it is a multi-licensed plan.

Go to the new device and open an Avast account on the web browser. Now download the setup and activate the setup using the key. You may get an Avast email for verification. After verifying, you can run the Avast tools on your new device. If the subscription is for a single device, you can’t use the paid plans on old devices now. Run Avast scan on your new device and secure it from all harmful threats. 

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