How To Protect Your Masonic Ring

If you have a Scottish rite ring or any other Masonic ring, the last thing you want is to damage it to an extent where you have to replace it or buy a new one. Thankfully, you don’t have to get a new ring as there are plenty of ways you can protect your ring.

Which are these ways? Here they are:

Be gentle with your ring

As you go through your day, be gentle with your ring. If you love going to the gym or play sports, take your ring off to protect it from damage.

This is because most rings are made in 18K gold or platinum, which is considered a soft metal, which means that when you expose it to a lot of pressure, it’s bound to dent and lose its shape. In some cases, you end up damaging the prongs, and they keep coming off when you wear it.

Besides removing the ring when you are exercising, you should make it a habit to remove it at home or the office. Even if a home looks like a safe haven, the ring can get damaged by the rough countertops, floors, tables, etc.

There is also the risk of getting your ring discolored by harmful chemicals in household cleaners such as bleach and others.

Revisit your jeweler at least once a year

Regardless of how clean your ring looks, you will notice that it doesn’t look as shiny as when it was new. If you would love to keep your ring in pristine shape, you should make it a habit to revisit your jeweler at least once a year.

The professional will professionally clean the ring so that it regains the original shine and inspect the ring for loose stones and repair the ring if necessary.

Store the ring safely.

Store it in a safe space when you aren’t wearing the ring, ideally in a dry, clean box lined with a soft fabric. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that the ring doesn’t rub against other jewelry pieces or items that might scratch it.

When cooking or doing the dishes, remove the ring and hang it on a holder.

Don’t resize the ring.

There comes a time when you feel like you should have your ring resized. For example, when you gain a lot of weight or are pregnant.

As much as it makes a lot of sense to resize your ring, avoid doing it as you will have to go back to the original size when you lose weight or deliver your baby.

While you will have worn your ring, resizing your ring weakens it, increasing the chances of it getting damaged. There is also the risk of the ring losing its original shape.

If a situation is temporary, such as being pregnant or gaining a few pounds, don’t resize the ring. Instead, store the ring in a safe box until things get better.

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