How to style a wig correctly

How to style a wig correctly

Usually the question “how to style a wig?” experts give a simple answer “shook it up and gone!”, But sometimes you want something like that – change your hairstyle, make a beautiful styling with curls. We decided to share our experience and give detailed instructions on how to style a wig either natural or artificial beautifully and, most importantly, safely for your hair. Read and bookmark so as not to lose!

How to style a wig

To make the wig last longer, you need to regularly use special care products, tools and accessories:

  • Styrofoam mannequin. The basis for styling, as well as for storing already laid artificial hairstyles, are mannequins-heads made of polystyrene foam. They should have a hole in the bottom to put on a stand or holder, then the blank will not tip over.
  • Combs, brushes. The most important tool is a comb or brush with balls at the ends to detangle the strands. For more thorough styling or parting hair, you need a comb with a thin handle.
  • Fen. A regular hair dryer is a good tool to gently heat plastic curls, giving them the desired shape. As a rule, it is enough to set the minimum heating temperature, a small air supply power without any nozzles.
  • Iron, curling iron. Handling them takes practice and skill. These tools are less or not at all suitable for conventional, not very heat-resistant products.
  • Clips, clamps. When styling or detangling artificial hair, you will need clamps or clips to fix it. Stock up on them to carefully separate sections of hair of different thicknesses, to hold them together.
  • Varnish, spray. Ordinary hairspray and hairspray quickly pollute the product, so it is recommended to purchase specialized styling products.
  • Shampoos, conditioners. When unraveling worn wigs, a special conditioner spray will help.

To wash the artificial hair, it is recommended to use either a special shampoo for wigs or a baby shampoo. It should contain as few additives as possible, oils that can settle on the fibers.

How to style a wig: what types are possible?

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Synthetic wigs made of kanekalon or modacrylic are easy to style a wig – these products return to their original shape even after washing. But natural curls require careful care. In return, they offer much more styling options.

For natural wigs

Today, the buyer can be content with a wide selection of natural curls of various lengths.

A wig made of natural hair with a short haircut can lose volume during transportation: individual curls, bangs can be hushed up. In this case, it is necessary to perform a number of procedures to restore its former appearance: steaming, combing, drying using a round comb at the roots and fixing with varnish.

A product with long strands suffers much more during transportation. To style it, it is necessary to steam the curls along the entire length, comb them sequentially from the tips to the base, lift at the crown, straighten with an iron, and, if desired, curl with a curling iron. Straight curling irons can create a softer curl, while round curling irons can create an expressive wave.

Perm is allowed and permitted, but the quality of wigs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should ask a specialist in a beauty salon about the stability of the product to curling.

For artificial hair

It is dangerous to lay artificial strands of kanekalon or modacrylic. Their composition is destroyed by high temperatures.

Products from other materials are less whimsical. A high-quality synthetic wig can withstand high temperatures – it can be dried with a hair dryer, curled with tongs or a curling iron, and styled with hot rollers. It depends only on the owner’s imagination how she decides to style her artificial hair. Even with frequent wear, as well as regular curling, strands of synthetic material do not lose their properties.

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How to curl a wig

How to curl a wig

The curling process is different for products made from natural and artificial strands. There are several ways.


It is recommended to use a hair dryer, iron, curling iron or thermal curlers no more than once or twice a month. It is worth buying professional styling products, because their usual counterparts pollute the strands, make them heavier, and eventually make them brittle.

Curling with classic curlers is not forbidden. This method can be done regularly.


Before curling artificial hair, you should once again verify the heat resistance of the material. If it is able to withstand high temperatures, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Fix the product on the mannequin, comb thoroughly with a special comb .
  2. Divide the curls, secure the strands with clips.
  3. Moisten with water from a spray bottle.
  4. Curl each strand in turn.

Curling a synthetic hair wig with a curling iron is associated with the risk of inadvertently burning the material if handled carelessly. However, there is a safer method:

  1. Moisturize the strands with cream. Rub it in your palms, run it through your hair.
  2. Comb thoroughly, divide into strands. Hook in curlers.
  3. Pour half a pot of water, boil. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, dip the wig with curlers into the pan for 40 seconds.
  4. Let dry completely.

How to straighten strands

How to straighten strands

Straightening at home is the same simple procedure as styling. To return the perfect smoothness, the previous appearance will help a number of simple steps.


Such a product can be straightened using the same tools as natural curls. They are easy to curl with hot rollers, tongs and straighten with ironing and dry with a hair dryer. If a natural hair wig has lost its appearance, it is enough to wash it with a special shampoo , dry it and comb it gently.


The method presented below is suitable for owners of both products with a short haircut and long curls:

  1. Comb thoroughly.
  2. Put the wig on the mannequin, or take it by the top of the head and pour very hot water over the curls.
  3. After the water drains, straighten your hair on a thick cotton towel. When the product dries, comb. If the strands are still frizzy, repeat the process.

Wigs are no longer a rarity these days and have become popular fashion accessories. Proper care and compliance with simple rules of operation will preserve the original image and amaze others with the beauty of styling.

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