How to surprise your girlfriend: 8 things to do

How to surprise your girlfriend: 8 things to do

You are in love, you want to live together and share your daily life with your darling. It’s done, today you have both found your little love nest, you are launched on a new stage in your story. Only the daily life of a couple and the routine it generates is not always easy to live with. You are afraid of letting things go, of not having the spark of before when you find yourself. The important thing is to understand that in a couple nothing is acquired and that it is necessary to maintain the flame of passion each day. For that, nothing better than small attention to prove your love to him! Actions are moreover better than words as proof of love. Here are 8 things to do to surprise your girlfriend on a daily basis.

8 things to do to surprise your girlfriend every day

#1 Pick her up at work

You come home from work at the same time every day and so does she. This is the daily rhythm of each person, there is nothing we can do about it. However, you can surprise her by picking her up when she leaves work! Then you both go home quietly or even better you invite him to the restaurant. Breaking the routine is the best way to keep the flame alive in a relationship.

#2 Surprise your girlfriend on a daily basis: Deliver flowers to her at the office

How about a bit of romance? Although it may seem very classic, a woman always loves to receive flowers. And what a nice surprise to have her delivered to work, where she least expects it. Add a small card with a few sweet words of love, you are sure that your surprise will have the desired effect and that it will be touched by your attention.

#3 Prepare a little romantic evening before his return

We are all the same when we come back from our day at night. One of the first questions that comes to mind is “What are we eating”? Try one evening to come home earlier than her and prepare a small homemade meal for a romantic dinner. Get in the kitchen and cook something she particularly likes. If you and the kitchen make two as they say, you can order it! For the surprise to be complete, you can also give him a good hot bath and welcome him with soft music.

#4 Give him a small personalized gift

So there you are spoiled for choice. It’s about pleasing her with a little personalized attention , something she particularly likes. We are not asking you to empty your bank account, on the contrary. Small gifts symbolic of love are often the best. Give him, for example, the latest book by his favorite author, a key ring with a little message on it, a little fancy jewel or even quite simply a pretty card with a few words of love on it.

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4 other things to do to surprise your girlfriend on a daily basis

#5 Organize a surprise party with her friends

You may be surprised by this proposal, but pleasing and surprising her without necessarily being at the “heart” of attention can make her very happy. You secretly contact her best friends and you organize the evening with them! No need to overdo it, a little aperitif between girls is enough, she will be delighted to find her friends sitting on her sofa when she comes home in the evening! And she will be especially moved to see that you have organized this for her. Take the opportunity to also have an evening with friends, being separated during an evening can only do good for your couple, you will find yourself even better afterwards.

#6 Leave him tender or passionate notes

Prepare several small notes on post-its and even small drawings, then scatter them everywhere before leaving for work. To make sure it falls on them, place them in strategic places. On the pillow, in her morning cup, on the fridge, in the bathroom with her makeup, in her dressing room. She will be happy to see all these little attentions as soon as she wakes up, which will keep her waiting until the evening.

#7 Prepare breakfast in bed to surprise your girlfriend on a daily basis

It’s the weekend, you have more time to hang out in bed. Get up discreetly before her and prepare her a nice breakfast tray with everything she likes. To make the attention even more romantic, add the pretty red rose to it. Wake her up with the good smell of coffee and croissants and join her under the duvet. A beautiful romantic weekend morning that will surprise her and make her happy, in all simplicity.

#8 Take her to a surprise destination

Get things ready and wait for her to come home from work on Friday evening. On her return she will discover your suitcases… Do not tell her anything, keep the surprise of this trip until the end. Whether you are leaving just a few hours from home in a small charming hotel with your partner or whether you are taking it on a weekend in Europe, it does not matter. Prepare this surprise trip according to your desires and your budget, the main thing is to surprise her and that you have a pleasant romantic weekend.

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