How You Can Know More About Hindu Events With Today Panchang? 

today panchang

Meenal is a Hindu girl. She has just shifted to Canada a few weeks ago. she had a lot of interest in Hindu culture. She uses to celebrate every function, fast, and festival in India. But after moving to Canada she was not able to know about the important dates of festivals and events. Also, she was not able to continue her Ekadashi fast. She told her mom about this, then her mother told her to check today Panchang daily. 

From Today panchang, Meenal was able to check all the events, festivals, and fast dates. Even she can also check the favorable times and mahurat. Meenal was able to continue her Ekadashi varat. She was very happy after that. 

Panchang is a Hindu calendar. Which can give you information about all festivals, events and fast. It can provide you with full vidhi (METHOD) and Mahurat (TIME). To start anything new in your life. You can get shubh mahurat, day, and date from  Panchang In Hindi online. To start any special work you must check the auspicious time. This will give you a positive outcome for your work. 

 Confused about today’s event! Find it out with today panchang.

Want to know about present-day events know it from Aaj ka panchang. Today 26 April 2022 is Ekadashi. Every 11th day in the Hindu calendar is celebrated as Ekadashi fasting. Two Ekadashi fasts fall every month one on Shukla paksha and another on Krishna Paksha. To gain the blessings from lord Vishnu/ Krishan this fasting is done. 

 Every day and date is important for someone. You can see today’s panchang tithi to check every date and its favorable and unfavorable times. As for Ekadashi Fasting, you can check for starting and ending times of the fast.  Usually, the fast start on Ekadashi day and ends on the next day. You can choose to keep the fast while taking fruits, one-time food with water or without water. That all depend on you. But you have to decide before keeping the fast. 

Check the Rahu Kaal timing with Today panchang  

Are you going out for your important work like interviews, buying a new car, house, inauguration of your house? Before that just check panchang today to see the auspicious time. During the whole day, there is a time period of 90 minutes. Which is considered a bad time because of the influence of the Rahu planet at that time. Work done during that will not be successful. Even your pooja will also not give proper results if it is done in Rahu Kaal.

Pooja related to the Rahu planet or related to Rahu can give fruitful results if performed during Rahu Kaal. If you have started your work before Rahu Kaal you can continue that during Rahu Kaal. According to Aaj ka panchang if you are going to start your business, buy any stock, car, house, or going to shift to a new house. Having marriage rituals, and engagement you have to keep in mind this time. All these tasks have to be performed after or before Rahu Kaal. 

Timing for Rahu Kaal varies from area to area. Depending on the timing of sunrise and sunset. It timing is also different each day. Rahu Kaal on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday affect you more badly than another one. Rahu Kaal doesn’t fall for one first part of the day.  

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