The Value of Academic Consultancies in Today’s Day

Students can become independent and encourage multi-cultural thinking when they choose to study abroad. But, selecting the appropriate course or institution and applying for a visa to start a new life can be complex.

Study abroad consultants or education agents can help you become an international student. Although their service varies with their agencies, study abroad consultants can help with the following –

  1. Opt for a study destination.
  2. Apply for the right course with the proper education provider.
  3. Register and prepare for the English exam.
  4. Support for Visa application
  5. Provide travel assistance, accommodation and health insurance.
  6. Support for career counselling and employment opportunities.

You can also contact a study abroad consultant from your residing country to get additional support. They can guide you with

  1. The options that are available to you.
  2. The requirements for your international education.
  3. Help you find the appropriate spot.

Since study abroad consultants interact directly with certain education providers, your application process can become simplified.

Features to focus on in a study abroad consultant.

Before you choose a study abroad consultant, you can check the following features –

  1. The consultant should either visit that location or they’ve studied there themselves.
  2. Realize the requirement of the study abroad consultant.
  3. The consultant is honest about the application procedure, and they do not make guaranteed promises.

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Services of a study abroad consultant

Now, let’s go through the different services of a study abroad consultant in more detail.

  1. Profile evaluation– Study abroad consultants will evaluate your profile and requirements either by themselves or with aid from a career counsellor.
  2. Shortlisting university– According to your requirements, overseas education consultants can help you finalize and shortlist the universities.
  3. Preparing financial documentation– Career counsellors and study abroad consultants can guide you in preparing your financial documents. In addition, they will provide shipment services and assist you in preparing scorecard documents and academic transcripts.
  4. Editing services– Study abroad consultants offer editing services on documents like University Essays, LORs, SOPs etc.
  5. Application and admission assistance– Abroad education consultants can help you complete your application material. They can also guide you in applying for your preferred college or educational institution.
  6. VISA Counselling– Study abroad consultants know that most rejections occur during the VISA interview process. Therefore, they will conduct mock interviews that prepare you to crack the VISA interviews.
  7. University Interviews– Certain colleges that provide opportunities for an MBA test the students’ suitable profile over an interview. Counsellors and abroad consultants can increase your confidence and prepare you for your interview.
  8. Loan Tie-ups – You can find many study-abroad consultants who carry connections with national and international banks. They can provide financial assistance if you need some.   
  9. Travelling Tie-ups– Several study abroad consultants are connecting with travel agencies. Hence, they can help you book your air tickets in foreign currency exchange.

Therefore, study abroad consultants can provide personalized guidance and offer financial assistance. They can also help you with your VISA requirements to study abroad.

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