When you think of Pakistan’s hospitality and hotel resorts, what is the first name that comes to mind?

When it comes to premium hotels in Pakistan, PC Hotel is at the top of the list. It has become a signature of hospitality in many Pakistani gateway cities due to its spacious rooms with world-class amenities. But why are PC Resorts so well-known?


Well, recreation and relaxation in one location are only available at this beautiful location. Some resorts offer ultra-luxurious getaways but skimp on customer service or recreational offerings. However, PC Hotel has everything under one roof, from classic stays to vibrant and daring services.

Hashoo Group owns PC Hotel brands and resorts across Pakistan, making it the greatest choice for customers who appreciate design and luxury at its finest. Sadruddin Hashwani, the owner of PC Hotels, was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his dedicated contributions to hospitality and hotel resorts in Pakistan for building a positive image of Pakistan through their exceptional services to visitors.

Many visitors have visited Pakistan and stayed at this resort in various cities because its unique and high-quality hotel services are extraordinary. PC Hotels’ great quality has progressed and established more hotels in Pakistan’s eight most important cities. Each hotel has its own personality and appearance. New and enthusiastic visitors can learn about the local culture and sample the traditional cuisines and cultural music of each place.

Furthermore, it has constructed Hotel One Chain resorts in various parts of the country to serve the middle-income segment. It consistently provides great lodgings to travellers without compromising the quality of its services.


PC Hotel Islamabad, located in the heart of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, is an ideal place to unwind after a long road trip or flight. PC Rawalpindi, equipped with all modern conveniences, offers a magnificent experience to anyone looking for home-like comfort while away from home for a business meeting or holiday.


The enchanting position of the Pearl Continental hotel in Muzaffarabad at the top of the hills with the Neelum River flowing is excellent for a reverie of divine living on Earth. The most comfortable stay when you want to absorb the aesthetic splendour of Pakistan’s most beautiful place.


Relax in the deluxe, executive, and pearl suites, forget about your exhaustion and enjoy a rich lifestyle ambience at the most majestic PC Hotel Karachi. This five-star hotel, which has 286 sumptuous rooms, provides a regal living experience, whether you’re visiting for work or to spend your holiday with your family.


The 190 rooms, each with a stunning outside view, provide a therapy-like experience, relaxing all your journey tiredness, breaking away from a daily lifestyle, and exploring the natural beauty of Kashmir valley. It is only possible when you book your vacation with PC Hotels. Not everyone who wanders is lost because they selected PC Bhrbhan to fulfil their wanderlust. Room rates at PC Bhurbhan can be found here.


PC Hotel Peshawar is an enticing destination for every visitor that visits Peshawar because of its unique mix of traditional and international standards in its structure and functionality. PC Hotel, with a tint of Peshawar culture, offers an exceptionally happy experience with traditional dishes in a cultural environment.


A thrilling stay at PC Malam Jabba takes you to the next level of excitement with its amazing ski resort amenities. So, dive into trekking and hiking and tread the path of adventure while being accompanied by the PC Hotel’s unrivalled elegance and comfort.


PC Lahore is an additional degree of luxury where you can spend your time in a royal manner. Everything at the PC Lahore offers you a pearl lifestyle, whether you’re enjoying the taste of world-class foods, attending a collaborative business meeting, or making your memorable moments in the sumptuous banquet rooms.


The PC Hotel in Karachi is an amazing location for seeing the most stunning sunsets while sipping a cup of coffee on the beach of Gwadar. While listening to the calm song of opulence, enjoy the most iconic restaurants with aromatic flavours of traditional and continental cuisines. This achievement does not stop there, as PC plans to create a new hotel chain along the CPEC route to assist local and international travellers with their magnificent services in Pakistan.

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