Indian eVisa ports allowed for exit: All you need to know

eVisa India Authorised Ports of Exit

Indian eVisa ports allowed for exit. You can come to India by using four modes of travel: by way of air, by using train, via bus, or by means of a cruise ship. While solely two modes of entry are valid, by way of air and via cruise ship, you can exit by any of the four modes of the tour however solely via special ports of exit.

As per Indian Government regulations for eVisa India or Electronic India Visa, beneath four modes of transport are presently allowed to go away India on eVisa India, if you had utilized for India tourist Visa or India eBusiness Visa or India eMedical Visa. You can exit India by using one of the following under referred to airport or seaport.

If you have more than one entry Visa then you are allowed to exit thru unique airports or seaports. You do now not have to go away by way of the equal port of entry for subsequent visits.

The listing of airports and seaports will be revised every few months, so maintain checking this listing on this internet site and bookmark it.

This listing will be revised and greater airports and seaports will be delivered in the upcoming months as per the choice of the Government of India.

You are allowed to enter India on a digital India Visa (eVisa India) with the aid of solely two skills of transport, Air and Sea. However, you can leave/exit India on a digital India Visa (eVisa India) by4 capability of transport, Air (Plane), Sea, Rail, and Bus. The following certain Immigration Check Points (ICPs) are allowed for exit from India. (34 Airports, Land Immigration Check Points,31 Seaports, 5 Rail Check Points).

If you are planning to travel to India anytime soon, then you’ll want to keep reading. This blog will teach you all you need to know about the Indian eVisa entry and exit ports that are currently authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). By knowing this information, you can safely travel to and from India through the designated airports. So stay tuned for more updates on this important topic!

Indian eVisa entry and exit ports

Indian eVisa Airport and Seaports for Entry, If you’re traveling to India, make sure you have an Indian visa. The eVisa entry and exit ports are Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, and Delhi. You can also travel through Dubai and Abu Dhabi if your visit is shorter than 90 days in duration or you hold a Schengen visa. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have all the necessary documents – including a passport stamp from your last country of residence – ready before arriving in India. Make sure you know which visa you need and ensure you have the necessary documents ready before you travel.

How to get an Indian eVisa?

If you’re planning a trip to India anytime soon, you’ll want to make sure you have the right documents in order. In this post, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to get an Indian eVisa. Note that the process can be lengthy, but it’s well worth it for a fantastic travel experience. There are different types of visas, depending on your nationality and purpose of visit. So, be sure to check the visa requirements for India before you apply for the eVisa. We hope this post has given you all the information you need to get an Indian eVisa!

Useful information about the Indian eVisa

India has recently allowed more people to leave the country through its ports of entry. This change means that now more people have access to the eVisa amnesty program. The eVisa amnesty is a great opportunity for those who have outstanding debts, are not in compliance with visa requirements, or are not allowed to stay in India for other reasons. To be eligible for the eVisa amnesty, you must meet the following requirements:  -Have outstanding debts  -Not be in compliance with visa requirements  -Not be allowed to stay in India for other reasons. There is still time to apply, and the deadline is March 31st. Make sure you know all you need to in order to apply, including the required documentation. And if you’re still unsure about your eligibility, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Now that you know all you need to know about Indian eVisa ports, be sure to get your passport and visa ready! This article has outlined the different entry and exit ports that are currently allowed for Indian nationals. Furthermore, it has provided useful information about the visa application process and the visa itself. Make sure to read through the article to get all the information you need before heading over to the visa application website!

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