Industrial Heating Solutions: A Guide to Industrial Heaters 

Heating Solutions

Industries in a nation are important from an economic point of view, and thus its maximum efficiency proves to be profitable. Thermal energy is an integral part of industries, and therefore industrial heaters are the best heating solutions required in a variety of processes where an increment in temperature is required to run an operation. For example:  

  • Lubricating oil needs to be heated up before putting it on a machine  
  • Heat tracing is mandatory on pipes that freeze in the cold  

In the modern world, electric heaters for industrial purposes have been introduced. They work by converting electrical energy into thermal energy. The heat produced is then transmitted to the necessary process through different methods of heat transfer, such as:  

1. Conductive Method of Heat Transfer  

Conductive heat transfer is the most well-known technique for heat transfer in the case of solids. When solids are hated with a strong conductive heater, the particles of the solid get heated up and vibrate more quickly. The vibrating energy transfers to all the nearby atoms, and the system gets hotter. Due to the repetitive and dense molecular structure, solids are best heated through the conductive heating method.  

2. Convective Method of Heat Transfer  

The convective method refers to the transfer of heat due to the motion of fluids such as gas and liquid. There are two types of convection heat transfer: free convection and forced convection.  

  • Free convection – This type of convection happens when the fluid flows naturally because of the heat gradients. The most common example of free convection is – the hot air rises up, and the cold air sinks downward.   
  • Forced convection – This type of convection occurs when fluid is forced to flow through the help of external force. Involving a fan or stirrer to create motion in fluids would be an illustration of forced convection.  

3. Radiant Method of Heat Transfer  

The transfer of heat through the medium electromagnetic waves is known as radiant heat transfer. When the temperature of the entity is above absolute zero, the object emits heat energy due to the random motion of its molecules. The heat energy produced from the object is released in the form of electromagnetic waves. Thus, the energy from these waves is used to heat up other objects and fluids. Examples of radiant heat transfer include the heat we feel from solar energy or the heat of the traditional oven to cook objects.  

Get the right electric heating solutions for your application  

1. Immersion heater  

An Immersion heater is used in applications where there is a need to heat liquids such as oils or other viscous fluids. Immersion heaters are fixed into systems having the liquid. These heaters are an effective method of heating fluids as they come in direct contact with the fluid.   

2. Strip heater  

Designed as a flat device, this heater is called strip heater as it is placed on a surface. It is utilized in applications where the surface or the surroundings needs to be heated.   

3. Ring heater  

A Ring heater is a kind of strip heater uniquely intended to warm round shapes like the lower part of a tank or molds.  

4. Duct Heaters  

To heat the air passing through air ducts, duct heaters are used. They are available in various shapes, such as square, spiral, round, etc., so as to fit perfectly in all HVAC and industrial ducts.  

5. Tubular Heater  

A tubular heater is generally used in heating fluids and air through conduction, convection, and radiant heat transfer methods. A benefit of tubular heaters is that they can be planned with different cross-segments and shapes to improve the heating process for a particular application.  

End Words  

It is vital to consider the points of interest of your application before choosing the heaters to utilize. There are heaters that are designed in such a way that they resist corrosion and function smoothly in oils and viscous fluids. Also, it is essential to choose an electric heater that is of appropriate size according to your application. Marathon Heater, one of the largest heater manufacturing companies, provides the best heating solution for thermal engineering products along with top manufacturing facilities. The products are backed by efficient service and application support.  

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