Latest Double Door Refrigerators That Have Taken The Market By Storm

Latest Double Door Refrigerators

These days, double-door refrigerators, which have a larger capacity than single-door refrigerators and are priced within reach of the average home, are the most popular. Regardless of how many times the door is opened, the two compartments serve to regulate the temperature separately. These freezers are ideal for families with four to five members because they save electricity.

Many amazing companies are delivering some of the best double-door refrigerators available in the market. However, choosing one among them is hard for normal homeowners as we don’t know everything about the fridge.

Here are some of the best double-door fridge options available right now:

Haier 320 Litre Double Door Refrigerator:

With its 1-hour Icing Technology, the 320-litre double-door refrigerator from Haier can make ice in just 60 minutes. A more significant number of veggies may be stored in the vegetable box, and the Frost-Free Double Door maintains chilling for up to 10 hours. Customers don’t have to bend over to utilize the main compartment because of the freezer compartment’s location at the bottom of the appliance. The 3-star energy rating guarantees ample energy savings. The machine also has a Twin Twist Ice Tray, a bottle guard, shelves made of toughened glass, a top LED, and stabilizer-free operation.

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LG 260 Litre Double-doors:

For a family of four, LG’s 260-litre double-door refrigerator is appropriate. It is home to an energy-saving Brilliant design of the Inverter Condenser that mechanically adjusts cooling. The Smart Specific diagnostic system enables troubleshooting errors. Additionally, one can connect a home inverter to this refrigerator. Also, it has come up with a vegetable box, which is more advanced and equipped with an interlayer container cover to lock in moisture. Extra features consist of LED illumination, an ice tray, and toughened vintage glass shelf. Most crucially, consumers don’t require an extra stabilizer to control voltage swings.

Whirlpool 292 Litre Double Door Refrigerator:

The 292-litre double-door refrigerator from Whirlpool has a 3-star energy rating. Its Micro block Technology erases nearly 99.99 percent of microbes and bacteria that can bring harm to food items. Its Active Parfum feature performs properly to keep the device odor-free, whereas the vegetable box helps to keep items healthy for nearly a week. The Chilling Gel helps keep things inside chilly during power outages, while the Freshonizer minimizes oxidation to maintain freshness.

Panasonic 2966 Litre Double Door Refrigerator:

This Panasonic offering comes with a potential of 296 litres and an energy rating of 2 stars. There are 7 sensors inside that track usage patterns to enhance efficiency and safeguard the device from voltage fluctuations. The Intelligent Inverter topology 7 power adaptation settings assist the fridge in matching the temp with the quantity of food stored inside. Additional features include LED lighting, an ice tray (double-twist), and toughened glass shelves.

Haier 258 Litre Double door refrigerator:

This double-door, 258-litre Haier refrigerator has a 3-star rating (energy). This product features 8 customizable cooling modes, which allow users to increase fridge space as needed. This appliance has a freezer compartment at the foot, saving users from having to lean over to get food in the top compartment. A sizable vegetable crisper, top LED lighting, and a mobile ice tray are included. There are two modes for energy-saving and an internal MI-COM Panel to regulate and control temperature.

Godrej 236 Litre Double Door Refrigerator:

The double-door refrigerator from Godrej has a two-star energy rating. The Dairy Bin in the doorway keeps the moisture in place, so the food stays fresh. The fridge doesn’t need a separate stabilizer because it can run on voltages between 140 and 260 volts. Additionally, this product comes with a bottle guard that can hold multiple 2.5-liter bottles, a veggie tray, a sliding chiller tray, toughened glass shelves, and eco-friendly parts.

Samsung 275 Litre Double Door Refrigerator:

The Samsung 275-litre double-door refrigerator has a three-star energy rating, which aids in energy conservation. Its digital inverter reduces operating noise and aids in energy conservation. Since the product can tolerate voltage swings, customers don’t require a separate stabilizer. The Cooling (All-Round) feature aids in distributing uniform cooling over the entire space. The veggie box holds moisture. Also, the bottle guard makes it simple to store bottles of different sizes. Other features comprise a recessed handle, toughened glass shelves, a shelf (easy-slide), and an LED light.

According to our market research, these are currently some of the best double-door refrigerators you have in the Bajaj Mall.

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