Learning Massage Therapy Can Be a Great Career Move

Massage Therapy

Learning massage therapy is not only a great way to help people, but also a great career move. More and more people are becoming interested in alternative health services, and massage therapy is one of the fastest growing sub-industries in healthcare. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to help people in a field with a lot of personal interaction.

Here are four common career options for a qualified massage therapist:

Relaxation/spa massage – Perhaps the most popular career field, this field focuses on stress management and relaxation treatments. The practice is often located in upscale establishments such as a city salon, cruise ship, hotel or resort.

Corporate/Local Massage – This field requires traveling to a client’s location, sometimes an office, to perform massage therapy. This profession is well suited for people who like to travel and interact with many different people.

Sports Massage – A sports massage therapist works with athletes to help heal and prevent injuries. Training to become a sports massage therapist is perfect for someone who loves sports or physical fitness, and can land them a job with a sports team or at a fitness center.

Medical/Clinical Massage – Many therapists choose this career path because it offers the best opportunities to help people in need. Clinical massage therapists help patients manage pain and recover from injuries, and often receive referrals from physicians for pain management.

No matter what your motivation for becoming a massage therapist, you can be sure that there are many different options available and many opportunities to develop a fulfilling career.

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