List of health insurance companies in California


The programs Health insurance companies in California are:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • california blue shield
  • California HealthNet
  • Kaiser Permanente of California
  • Oscar Health Plan of California
  • United HealthCare
  • Sharp Health Plan
  • Sutter Health Plus
  • western health advantage
  • Covered California for Small Businesses

#1. Blue Cross Anthem

Californians have trusted Anthem Blue Cross for seven decades to help preserve their health and financial stability. Anthem, in fact, serves 8.3 million Californians, more than any other carrier. It has a team of compassionate people who dedicate their best thoughts and efforts to developing innovative health care solutions that are available to all Californians.

Plus, it offers customers unmatched choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing a health plan.

Individual, small and large group, senior life insurance, and MediCal marketplaces have unique product offerings that comprise a full spectrum of integrated medical and specialty products.

#2. california blue shield

blue shield The company has distinguished itself for nearly 70 years with innovations that have changed the face of healthcare and positioned the company as a major player in the California healthcare market.

This health insurer has a long history in the industry, including the first health plan in the country to cover pre-existing conditions under group plans in 1943; the first catastrophic coverage in the country in 1950; and the first health plan in California to offer online benefits and enrollment information in 1984.

In the 21st century, they continued their history of innovation by becoming the first health plan to propose universal coverage statewide.

#3. Ca Health Network

Health Net controls a significant portion of the California health insurance market. Individual, small group and large group health insurance policies are available through Health Net’s HMO and PPO plans

#4. Kaiser Permanente of California

All of Kaiser Permanente revolves around you. As a member, you can work with your primary care physician to create a personalized preventive and wellness plan to help you reach your health goals. You’ll also have access to member programs to help keep you healthy, fit and happy.

Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit health plan, has 8.7 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia.

Their integrated model for the provision of health services distinguishes them. They are an integrated health care delivery system, meaning they provide and coordinate the full range of care for their members.

#5. Oscar Health Plan of California

Oscar health plan is a new type of health insurance provider in California. Health insurance, they believe, should be simple, smart, intuitive, and easy to use.

They use technology to help you identify the best doctors in your area, track your medical history on a personalized timeline, and direct you to better care.

Their plans cover you from head to toe and include a host of wonderful benefits to help you stay healthy and save money. You can chat with a board-certified doctor over the phone for free at any time, or contact their member services team with any questions about your plan. It’s like having a doctor in your family.

#6. united health care

United Health Care (UHC) is one of the leading health insurance companies in the United States. UHC, unlike most other health insurance in California, allows small business groups to offer HMO, PPO and HSA plans with large, medium and narrow provider networks. UnitedHealthCare is a great option for a company with employees who live in different states because it provides coverage in all 50 states.

#7. acute health plan

This health insurance is the leading provider of comprehensive health care services in San Diego and is the largest local commercial health plan in the city. Sharp Health Plan is a nonprofit company that has been helping businesses of all kinds in San Diego and South Riverside counties with their health benefit needs since 1992.

This company provides individuals, families, and organizations with a selection of health insurance options that combine cost and choice with high-quality health care and personalized service.

Members can take advantage of key plan benefits like interactive wellness tools, dental discounts, Sharp Nurse Connection and an exclusive worldwide emergency services program.

Sharp Health Plan, as an NCQA-accredited health plan, works to constantly improve the quality of its services and benefits, as well as to find new solutions to today’s most complicated health problems.

#8. Sutter Health Plus

Sutter Health Plus is a low-cost HMO health insurance in California that allows members access to several of Northern California’s most reputable health care providers, including Sutter Health connected hospitals, physicians and physician groups. Here, professionals collaborate to provide you with convenient and personalized care.

To help customers meet their requirements and budgets, they provide a selection of health plan options. Traditional, deductible, and HSA-compatible high-deductible health plans are available. They also cover hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription drug coverage and preventive services without out-of-pocket costs, among others.

Dental, vision, acupuncture, chiropractic and infertility services are covered under optional benefit plans.

#9. western health advantage

Western Health Advantage is also a California health insurance that has become a great health plan for local business owners and individuals seeking affordable, responsive health care since its inception in 1996. They believe that doing business “locally” is a superior option. It ensures that its members have access to responsive local customer service, affordable coverage and exceptional service from quality doctors and hospitals.

Western Health Advantage’s goal is to provide a high-quality, affordable alternative to for-profit health insurance plans and national HMOs that is convenient.

Their charitable and community efforts share the same goal of improving the health and well-being of their neighbors by increasing access to health care.

#10. Covered California for Small Businesses

CCSB (Covered California for Small Businesses) is a government-run “exchange” that combines Kaiser, Blue Shield, Health Net, and other insurers into one package. If some employees like Kaiser and others don’t, it’s a good fit. By offering coverage through the CCSB, small businesses can also apply for the Federal Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit.


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