Long Haircuts With Layers For Every Type Of Texture

Long haircuts are always fashionable and adaptable, the perfect way to get an effortless makeover. It will be the ultimate hair crime if you have long hair and are simply put in a low bun. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good tousled low bun, but if you have long hair, the styling is endless!

 Long layered hair will frame your face and give you a fresh look. If you don’t have long hair and are tight on budget, get Remy synthetic hair extensions. From long and luscious 22-inch synthetic hair extensions to daring 26-inch synthetic hair extensions, the world is your oyster. 

That’s why we have complied a hair list for you using Remy synthetic hair. We are confident that you will find the one that best suits your personality and attributes. 

Dare to try something new and daring!

Edgy Layers; Edgy Style

The Edgy Layers For Bold Personality

Straight layered Remy synthetic hair might appear difficult to manage, but it is pretty simple. Contrary to popular assumption, this appearance is rather daring and edgy. 

The Remy synthetic hair is fashioned in an unconventional and edgy V-line with the ends towards the middle. Get bangs to soften your face for a flirty look and feel!

Shaggy Layers, Laidback Personality 

Laid-Back Shaggy Layers

This hairstyle is a must if you have wavy Remy synthetic hair. The shaggy layers give you beach waves that everyone covets. If you want this look but don’t have naturally wavy hair, all you have to do is spray salt water spray on your damp hairand let it air dry naturally to get those seductive beach waves!

Bang It With Layers

The Young & Beautiful Look

Pair your attractive Remy synthetic hair with bangs. Layers and bangs are the perfect combinations of class and fun vibe. They are suitable for black and thick hair. 

They frame the face and keep the hair looking natural throughout the day. Stretch straight bangs to complete the style and draw attention to the eyes. What we like best about this bangs hairstyle is that it  frames the face and highlights gorgeous facial features!

Straight, Layered Hair, 2 Minutes Hair Solution

Boring Straight Hair? We Don’t Know Her! 

If you don’t have much time, you can always put your long layered  Remy synthetic hair in a bun or let it flow straight and simple. If you don’t even have a few minutes to spare, use your curling iron to make the ends of your haircut somewhat wavy. Your style will take on a more romantic tone with this simple trick.

Layered Blonde Tips

Layered Blonde Tips + Raven Black Hair = The Ultimate Goddess Look

Straight, long, fine hair appears sleek and elegant, yet it lacks volume. That doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt stunning long Remy synthetic hair extensions. Request that your hairstylist adds some textured layers to the tips of your hair. 

The greatest approach to hide your thin hair is to add some waves to it. Long-length haircuts appear voluminous as a result of this. You may also easily style it. Try wearing your hair in beach waves for a stylish result. You can also apply some warm highlights to emphasize your hair and make it more noticeable.

Colored Layered Hair For Colorful Personality

Chestnut Hair and Blonde Highlights Are Magic 

Getting stunning waves in blue, silver, and brown tones on your clip in hair extensions is just what you need to step up your hair game. The eye-catching blue color flowing across the blonde foundation with a hint of warm tones is guaranteed to catch many people’s attention. Choose this style if you’re looking for stylish long haircuts for ladies. 

Furthermore, the long razor cut with loose curls gives it a fashionable and edgy appearance. If you have long hair and are want to explore, try this layered and asymmetric look with an eye-catching color combination. 


We understand if you want to update your hairdo but aren’t ready to commit to a full-on chop. That’s where Remy synthetic hair comes in handy. 

After all, eating all those things for longer hair took effort—the effort you’re not ready to dismiss with a fast snip. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by a longer mane, consider getting layers. 
We happen to know the best synthetic hair brands to buy synthetic hair. Yes, we are talking about the premium human hair brand, Diva Divine. Get the perfect extensions from Diva Divine Hair and get ready to flaunt the styles mentioned above!

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