Manual For Luxury Bag Cleaning Dubai: Canvas Backpack Cleaning Tips

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A hiking backpack is a piece of gear that doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently. However, there are some circumstances where luxury bag cleaning Dubai for backpacks is unavoidable. Here are some helpful hints you’ll need to know for cleaning canvas backpacks when it comes to both machine and hand washing as well as drying if it’s time to have your backpack cleaned.

Putting Canvas Backpack in the Machine

The majority of canvas and nylon backpacks can be machine washed, but it’s always a good idea to first check the care label.

  • Before washing your backpack, make careful to empty it fully.
  • Using a delicate brush, pre-treat any stains with the stain remover of your choice. Let the treatment set for 30 minutes. A solution of equal parts liquid detergent and water will suffice. Avoid using bleach-containing products.
  • To avoid the straps and zippers from getting trapped in the machine, place the bag inside a pillowcase or laundry sack. You may also wash it from the inside out.
  • Use a tiny quantity of detergent and wash on a cold, soft cycle.
  • When the cycle is finished, use a clean towel to wipe out the leftover water inside and outside of the backpack before allowing it to dry.

Canvas Backpack Hand Washing

If you wish to hand-wash your backpack, you’ll need a soft brush/toothbrush, a cloth/sponge, and a towel. Before you begin washing, remember to properly empty the bag and shake off any crumbs or dirt.

  • Begin by unzipping pockets, clipping loose threads, and removing detachable components from the bag, such as straps, to wash separately.
  • Stains should be removed with a stain remover and allowed to rest for 30 minutes before washing.
  • Fill a bowl or tub halfway with lukewarm water, just enough to cover the object, then add a spoonful of mild detergent to make soapy water.
  • Scrub the bag with a toothbrush or scourer sponge, focusing on the filthy spots and making sure to clean the interior as well.
  • After that, drain the filthy water and replenish it with fresh water. Wash the bag completely and wring it out as much as possible. Before drying, wrap the bag in a towel to absorb excess water.

Premium laundry services Dubai tells how to dry a Canvas Backpack

Always let your backpack air dry naturally by hanging it up, outside or indoors, rather than using a machine dryer, which might harm the fabric. Make sure all zippers are unfastened to enable the bag to properly dry. To ensure longer zipper life and trouble-free performance, spray zippers with a specific zipper lubricant.

Avoid frequent washing and keep it properly

Wipe away dirt and remove stains promptly to avoid having to wash your bag frequently. Avoid spilling meals and beverages by using adequate containers and ensuring that the lids seal firmly.

The manner you keep it can make a significant impact on the life of your bag. Always keep your backpack empty. The trunk of a car, for example, should not be used to store the backpack because of the possibility of sudden temperature changes.


The first thing to do if you’ve just returned from a tour with a muddy backpack is to let it air dry before going for premium laundry services Dubai. While much of the dry dirt may be manually removed using an everyday brush, wet dirt would simply be wiped off the pack. We use cleansers made particularly for backpacks while washing them since regular cleaners are too abrasive.

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