Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas from a General Contractor in San Jose

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The area in your home that attracts the most attention is the bathroom. Therefore, it seems a justified act when San Jose homeowners consider redesigning their bathrooms. However, they should be aware of a few issues while changing their bathroom’s appearance and functionality.

An advantage is that if you are looking for an experienced general contractor in San Jose, you may visit the Done Right Home Remodeling company website, which may give you information about the processes involved in upgrading a bathroom. But what about someone who has a vision but is unsure of where to begin?

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Before starting the project, any intelligent homeowner should examine the following five factors:

1. Study the Space

Finding out more about the space that is accessible for the intended bathroom remodel should be your priority. Is it limited to the footprint of the existing bathroom? Could you get rid of the linen closet to use that area differently? How often do you use the whirlpool? Can you utilize the adjacent bedroom or the coat closet?

In summary, you consider the amount of available space, the current arrangement, the design constraints that openings or other physical hassles have on your design, the operation and accessibility of the existing mechanical pieces, and any potential bearing points on your design.

2. Study the Functionalities

What does one want to do with this space? What do you require in this location? What kind of usage do you want the space to have? Do you need privacy? Does the space require more effective soundproofing than usual? Is it necessary to separate the toilets and the water closets? Is a tub a must-have in this space? Should this room have a walk-in closet attached to it? Who will utilize the WIC the most? Is accessibility a top priority? Are there any special requirements that need to be addressed?

You are starting the design process as you jot down some of the responses to these questions. Use the design ideas as a guide. Put everything in the ideal location. Create the appearance and mood you like. Once you’re finished, speak with a reliable general contractor to confirm that the plan is doable, affordable, practical, and appealing.

3. Plan the Budget

Why is planning a budget critical? What you might spend on this project and what has been integrated both needs to be considered as part of your investigation. Conferencing with a prospective contractor will be necessary for this. Do not assume that you can determine it by yourself since you are not an expert.

Bathroom costs are high, the second-most pricey room after the kitchen. Your general contractor can indeed provide you with an estimate based on previous jobs. Doing all the planning and designing just to discover that the project, as envisioned, is far beyond your budget would be a massive waste of time. Your remodeling expenses are initiatives that will provide you with years of happiness and a return on your money. You’ll get a higher return on investment from a project that is well-designed.

4. Design the Layout

So far, you’ve considered the available area. Besides, you are aware of the bathroom’s intended users and their key objectives. It’s time to consider the bathroom’s layout or the arrangement of everything you desire in the designated space. You should prepare a list of every component you want in the bathroom, along with an approximate location for each item. Features like the walk-in shower, sink, sauna, soaker tub, toilet, and other fixtures, namely, lighting and faucets, are the distinct bathroom essentials.

These five sections make up the layout:

  • General Thumb Rules
  • Accessibility
  • Configuration
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

5. Product Selection

How can you tell if a product is superior? The product’s value, or its best price, is a key consideration. It can be valuable if it is durable. If it is certified by your general contractor, everything will fall in place. If you choose something too unique or exotic, it could be challenging to install, and if a future repair is required, it might also be tricky. For instance, even though they are elegant, some imported plumbing fixtures may require months to receive replacement components if they break.


These bathroom design concepts might be truly useful for San Jose homeowners who are planning to upgrade their bathrooms. Make sure to photograph the job site every day. Take notes. Be in touch with your builder. Obtain a written guarantee. Express your gratitude for the general contractor’s hard work in a letter of recommendation. Lastly, enjoy your new space, which was once just a fantasy!

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