Are you guys excited to visit the most wonderful and amazing camp situated in a jungle? If so, here is one waiting just for you, that is, at Matheran camping . It has its peculiarity in its climate which seems so mild as well as the architecture which is in a way colonial and well preserved.  For visiting here, you may think you can take any motorcycle, but that is not the case here. Motor vehicles are strictly prohibited here. Most of the visitors as well as the trekkers used to come here through the narrow railway gauge with the help of the toy train called the 1907 Neral-Matheran.


The best serene or panoramic area is the view that this place gives you across the vast beautiful Western Ghats. The ancient Prabal fort and the waterfalls present there from the views of Louisa point seem to be very beautiful and mesmerizing. This is such a place that is very prominently established for its vegetation as well as its flora and fauna, etc. If you are a person who is nature loving, then you must visit this place because this seems very good for all the people who wish to live in a true connection or harmony with nature.

If you are visiting this place then you need to delve deep into the places like Alexandra point, Garbett point, etc. This place gained popularity because you can visit it anytime throughout the year at this place. But during the time of summer, it will be in a way a soothing experience whereas winter seems to be more lovely for you. In the same way, in the monsoon season, you will be experiencing the scenic beauty of the waterfall as well. There are several local markets nearby, from where you can shop for various things available there. Do not miss riding the horse or the pony present there because it will be such a great experience for you.


You need to be sure to take extra clothes with you. If you know swimming or you are a person who wishes to do swimming, then do not forget swim wear as well. During the journey, you may feel hungry and you may not like every food item present there. Do not buy anything including any food items. If necessary, try to bring an extra pair of shoes or Sandals that you are comfortable with. If you want to take photographs, then bring yourselves a camera. In case of staying in camps or a tent, if you are not comfortable with the blankets provided, then carry an additional blanket with you just as a backup plan.

Canary thing : 

Do not forget to carry the essential medicines that you intake as well as the things you need as a part of your hygiene. There may be mosquitos around so, if possible, try to bring a mosquito repellent cream as well. Sunscreen is an unavoidable thing that you must carry in your backpack. A cap, as well as goggles, are also necessary. If you want to carry any personal things along with you, then that can also be taken. You need to carry any ID proof along with you. If you are booking any camp or something to stay in, then you need to carry this screenshot or the Email that you received after the confirmation of your booking. This ID proof can be either an Aadhar card or any such valid one.

Western toilets will be available in the camps. If you are staying there on any weekday, then you can enjoy the movies that will be screened there. If you are visiting there during the weekends, then also there are several entertainments for you people; which includes Live Music. Sometimes you are allowed to take a midnight trek as well. A mat will be also provided by the concerned authorities. 

On all weekdays, the charge will be Rs. 1400 per child having an age between 4 years and 9 years. For adults, a sum of around Rs. 2200 is available per person. On weekends the charges will be even higher; that is, children need to pay a sum of Rs. 1400, and an adult should give Rs, 2200 per person. Games and campfire facilities are also provided for all these visitors. You need to take a mask, sanitizers, torches, etc. Cancellation policies are also available here. In Matheran, try not to get yourself filled in any places, rather stay in camps.

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