Mistakes You Need To Stop Making With Body Wave Hair

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Weave hair has been a popular hair accessory in recent years. Body wave weave is one of the most intriguing and enticing weave hairstyles that can make us feel more beautiful and confident! Many women want to wear body wave weave hair for various reasons. This is due to its versatility and visual attractiveness. This kind of body wave is ideal for people with naturally straight hair who wish to get a more natural-looking texture and looser curls without using a styling product every day.

Mistakes You Need To Stop Making With Body Wave Hair

Hair extensions, especially body wave hair, are a lot of fun because they may instantly change your look, but you’ll be startled by the following body wave hair extension blunders. Not everyone is a hair expert, and not everyone has the luxury of sitting down for hours on end to research everything there is to know about body wave weave extensions. 

This is where our blog will come handy! When we say you’re making these frequent mistakes, we don’t mean that everyone is doing them all at once, but they’re highly typical blunders that can cause a lot of harm to your body wave hair and your natural hair.

1. Washing Your Hair Too Soon After Installing Body Wave Hair Extensions 


You and your hairstylist are responsible for being aware of the golden guidelines that come with body wave weave extensions. RESEARCH! Wave hair extensions have a very detailed list of dos and don’ts. 

The golden rule is to understand when to wash your Body wave hair extensions after having the hair extensions placed. Any professional hairdresser will tell you to wait 72 hours after application to allow the bond on the glue plenty of time to cure, but if you can leave it longer than 3 days, that’s even better.

Another crucial tip to remember is to wash your body wave hairstyles on the day of application, but skip the conditioner and only use shampoo. You are doomed from the start if you use any product designed to make your body wave weave shiny and smooth, such as a conditioner. Why? Because you are coating your body wave hair in a slippery product such as a water-soluble silicone or conditioner, the hair extension will slip and, in the worst-case scenario, fall out. 

This is also why you should never use conditioning products around your body wave weave extensions after they’ve been put and before washing them.

2. Being Too Rough With Your Hair Extensions

Too rough
Too rough

Being too rough with your body wave hair extensions will always reduce their lifetime and general texture. We feel that hair extensions are an investment you must completely realize and comprehend before purchasing a set. If you are excessively hard with your body wave hair extensions, you will notice many defects immediately or over time.

If you brush your body wave hair extensions too hard, your hair extensions will shed more than usual. If you pull at it, it will fall out like your hair. The same principles apply to your body wave hair extensions. Instead of being rough, gently brush your body wave hair with the appropriate brush style to remove any knots or tangles. Try a mild detangling spray if you’re having trouble with a tangled knot. Nothing too thick or heavy, as you’ll need to wash your body wave hair extensions more regularly if you use items that can cause product buildup.

Another way to cause harm to your hair extensions is to be too rough when washing them. Whether you have permanent hairstyles or are cleaning quick hairstyles, being overly strong in your motions can generate knots and tangles in your body wave hair. Rough brushing hair can  lead to forceful brushing, which makes hair fall out. Of course, some shedding is normal. You lose approximately 100 pieces of your natural hair per day; you will not lose this much from your body wave weave extensions, but don’t be alarmed if you notice hair coming out of your extensions; this is quite normal!

3. Incorrect Color Matching

Incorrect color
Incorrect color

Color matching hair extensions can be extremely stressful, especially if you do it online rather than at a local store or your hairdresser. If you decide to try color matching, ensure you match your hair extensions to your tips rather than your roots. Color matching from the mids to ends rather than the roots is because hair extensions are used to lengthen the hair, which is why you match hair extensions to the bottom portion of your hair.

4. Wearing The Wrong Hair Extensions For Your Lifestyle

Wrong extension
Wrong extension

We recognize that the number of hair extensions in the market can be intimidating, but completing your homework to choose what hair extensions are best for you and your lifestyle is essential. If you are a competitive swimmer or like swimming as a hobby, use permanent hair extensions. You’d be better off using temporary styles that you can remove when swimming or at the beach.

Chlorine and other harsh chemicals might harm your body wave hair extensions and the glue on your hair extensions. Chlorine will cause your wave hair to knot and tangle, as will swimming motions and movements. Any activities or hobbies that require fast movements, close contact, or exposure to water should not be combined with permanent hair extensions. 

5. Not Tucking Any Shorter Pieces Of Your Natural Hair Away

Securing extensions
Securing extensions

When you pull your hair extensions forward, the shorter pieces at the back of your head are visible, which is one of the most obvious signs that you are wearing hair extensions, especially if you have short hair. But don’t worry, we have an easy fix! 

Separate your hair at the very bottom from the rest of your hair. After that, use some bobby pins to put your shorter hair to your head and out of the way. This will cover those shorter sections so that your hair body wave hair extensions look natural and blend beautifully when brought forward and during casual motions throughout the day.


Now that you know the most common  body wave hair extension mistakes, avoid making them in the future.

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