Modern Bedroom Decorations Ideas

Modern Bedroom Decorations Ideas

You will often hear that the living room is the most important area in your home, but the bedroom deserves the same attention. After all, this is where you regenerate yourself with sleep, both physically and mentally, so it needs to be styled with care. Everything counts when it comes to bedroom décor, from the colors of the walls to small details on your nightstand.

Not to be confused with a contemporary style which is about the current trends, modern style décor comes from the Bauhaus art school in da early 19th century Germany. It’s inspired by modernism, introducing functional, clean, and simple attributes as opposed to then-popular Art Deco.

Built on the concept that the use of space should come before appearance, it’s no wonder that this interior design type is once again trendy. Here are ideas for modern bedroom decorations that may change the way you sleep for the better.

1.    Bedroom color is a personal thing

People take colors seriously in their everyday life, through clothes, food, and hair, for example. However, the bedroom tends to make them color-shy so often they opt for pastel or neutral shades. If you are someone who loves bolder colors, you should consider them for your bedroom. This doesn’t mean that everything will be painted purple or teal, but rather you will introduce a more daring solution to certain details.

For example, you can go small and place colorful cushions on the bed as decoration or go bigger and hang a tapestry on the walls. The crucial thing here is to create a décor that is comfortable and relaxing, so if bold colors make you feel that way — don’t avoid them in the most precious of home spaces.  

2.    Simple solutions instead over-decorating

We mentioned that modernism is about simple and clean features, meaning that your bedroom needs to be decluttered and free of unnecessary things. If you need storage space, the bedroom is not a good place to keep things since that will bring chaos into a peaceful setting. Instead, think of decorations that will preserve the room’s function and be appealing to the eye.

The super-sized headboard is on the budget and has powerful detail to improve your bedroom décor, preferably in colorful matt patterns. Wallpapers don’t are not only for walls but can serve as camouflage to make the room more spacious, for example using them on the closet doors. A seamless pattern is the best option since it will be easier to blend and repeat so your closet disappears until you need it again.  

3.     Honeycomb blinds are a game-changer

Curtains and drapes are common decorations for the windows, but not the only ones out there. Manual or automated honeycomb blinds bring modern style to your bedroom windows with their elegant and pleated design. Their function is to reduce and retain temperature when it’s hot and cold, respectively, as well as to absorb sound.

Often called cellular blinds, this type of bedroom decoration will open up the space more while giving it luxurious vibes at the same time. You can set the timer for the blinds to close and open at a specific time, for example at dawn and dusk, or you can do it yourself with a remote.   

4.    The ceiling is also part of the bedroom décor

A ceiling doesn’t have to be white and thus neglected. This is a spot that you will most likely look at least once before closing your eyes to sleep, so make it a pleasant sight that will inspire positive emotions. You can do this with wallpapers or color, depending on what goes better with the rest of your bedroom interior design.

Alternatively, if you want to make the ceiling a more inclusive part of the room without changing its color, redesign the interior corner lines. You can use special stickers, tape, and molding to connect all the walls and create a cocoon-like ambient for a more sheltered feel. Not to mention that it will hide any imperfections that affect these areas, like darkening over time, making your bedroom look dirty.   

5.     Artwork belongs in the bedroom

Art is personal just like your bedroom is an intimate space where you intend to be in your most vulnerable state — asleep. Your favorite artwork is not to be only enjoyed by guests in the living room, but to be admired privately as well. Moreover, you don’t have to own your favorite art to introduce it to your home, but rather use it as inspiration for creating a unique modern bedroom décor.

Incorporate patterns, colors, and shapes that will remind you of this piece of art, adjusting it to the rest of the bedroom scheme. Start by choosing colors or shapes from your favored artwork and make it a foundation for further decorating. For example, a rug with similar motifs as the painting or bed covers embellished with resembling details of the art you love.

6.    A place for everything creates order in the bedroom

If you need storage space in your bedroom but don’t want to overcrowd the room, create a dedicated spot for everything. The key is being practical and finding ideas that will maximize the use of space and minimize the clutter. If you don’t want to invade space to the inside, create shallow niches in the walls to replace certain furniture used to keep things.

For example, instead of a nightstand, you can make a room in the wall for a book, glass of water, and other things you usually keep by the bed. Classic shelves can change the bedroom’s focus, but if you build them inside the walls, they will be both discreet and practical, complementing the modern style.

All in all

Modern bedroom decorations are about comfort, ergonomics, timelessness, and multipurpose. You don’t have to forgo your personal style since you are encouraged to embrace it in a more functional way. Materials and solutions should be space-saving and long-lasting, supporting your quality of life, mental health, and need for aesthetical expression.

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