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Each gemstone is unique in terms of the color of its stone, size, carat, and variety. There are many varieties of gemstones and variation in their color is mostly unknown to people. If you want to know about the recent trends in gemstone jewelry, then you have landed on the right page. This article will expand your gemstone jewelry knowledge so that you can start your year in style. 

  1. Earrings – Earrings are one of the most favorite jewelry pieces for women. This year pearls will be in trend; however, the fashion world will stay away from the classic round shape and there will be experiments with the shape of the pearl. Pearl earrings are classy and elegant so if you don’t own such earrings, you should get them this year. 

Additionally, you can also buy silver hoop earrings which are also very trendy these days. They go with all kinds of outfits and you can pair them with your casuals and party dress as well. Other gemstone jewelry trends for earrings include opals, agate, and amethyst. These earrings will not only make you look chic but will give a boost to your confidence. Add beautiful gemstone earrings to your collection to make people go in awe with every look of yours. 

Buying silver earrings online needs a lot of caution as there are many fraudulent businesses. So, make sure that whatever jewelry you are buying comes with a purity certification. Bibelot offers you guaranteed pure sterling silver jewelry so that you can make your silver earring online shopping easy. 

  1. Rings – Cocktail rings will be the focal point of this year. The rings with very loud and vibrant gemstones will get a stare from people this year. Pale stones will be trendy, especially when set in rose gold or gold. You can also buy yourself silver Amethyst Rings as they are a great trend to follow. You can also add some vibrant colors to your ring collection by including emerald, ruby, and garnet to your collection. 
  2. Bracelets – Gemstones allow you to add colors to your bracelet collection. You can pick a bracelet with inlay stones or one with a set gemstone in it. If you like minimalist jewelry you can try a moonstone studded bracelet. If you want to match your bracelet with your outfit, you can get it with different colored gemstones like agate, amethyst, and turquoise. You can buy gemstone bracelets from Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry suppliers to get them at a reasonable price. 
  3. Necklaces – Your necklace collection should include necklaces with statement designs and gemstone pendants. Both delicate and vibrant colors will take a lead this year. Whether you want a casual look or a formal look, a necklace with a pale stone will be very fashionable this year. Moonstone pendants are going to be trendy this year. If you love feminine and elegant stones, go for a moonstone pendant. For a bold look try layering the chains with moonstone pendants. You can also try other gemstone necklaces with clear crystals, pale stones, and vibrant colors. 

Now that you know the jewelry trends this year, here are the gemstones that you should focus on to stay fashionable this year:

  1. Garnet – Garnet has a special red-pink hue and it goes perfectly with the feminine jewelry setting in 18k gold plating. 
  2. Sapphire – This popular blue gemstone is very popular in fine jewelry. Sapphire rings are loved by all women for centuries. The blue hue of the stone is due to the presence of metal oxides like aluminum. The finest quality stone comes from Kashmir and Sri Lanka.
  3. Emerald – Emerald jewelry looks elegant and classy. Its green hue is mostly preferred in rings and necklaces. The color is so vibrant that it will make you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Amethyst – Amethyst has a violet color and it emits a seductive aura. Get an Amethyst pendant or ring to boost your trendy look this year.

If you love gemstone jewelry then make a shopping list of the above-given jewelry and try out the latest trends. However, make sure that you are buying your jewelry from a Wholesale Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry supplier like Bibelot Jewels to get all the pieces at reasonable rates

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