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This year, booking for the Kedarnath online helicopter has already started; if you want to avoid a rush, make sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible. When you book your trip with us, you can be confident that we will provide you with secure and pleasant transportation at the most affordable rate available.

Kedarnath is a holy site in Hinduism that is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand at the foot of the Himalaya and is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is only accessible from the end of April through the end of November as a result of the terrible weather conditions.

If you are interested in seeing the natural and heavenly beauty of this location, the best way to do so is to make reservations for a Helicopter Booking for Kedarnath Temple, which you can do if you are planning a trip to the Kedarnath Temple. When you travel with us, we provide you certain additional advantages that make your trip unique, and you can be sure that we will fly you safely, comfortably, and at the cheapest possible price. Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out on these perks and to escape the rush.

When Should One Go?

Each year, the month of April to May is when the Kedarnath Dham opens its doors to pilgrims amidst a massive celebration. On the very first day, the shrine of Kedarnath is visited by thousands upon thousands of people. Therefore, if you are a devout Hindu and you like travelling, you would most likely have a strong desire to visit Kedarnath at least once throughout your lifetime. Because the holy site of Kedarnath is tucked away in one of the most inaccessible and hilly parts of Uttarakhand, the best way to get there is by helicopter. Not only does this cut down on travel time, but it also offers greater comfort and security in comparison to the other modes of transportation. Since it is now possible to reserve a helicopter ride to Kedarnath online, there is no need for you to go to the office to do so. Instead, you may get your advance ticket online, and then begin making preparations for your trip in the name of Lord Shiva.

Which mode of travel is most suitable for the Kedarnath Darshan?

In the Himalayas, around 11755 feet above ground, is where you’ll find the holy site of Kedarnath. The pathways leading to this sacred sanctuary are treacherous and uneven. We all know that for many years, Kedarnath was inaccessible to devotees who were unable to undertake the dangerous journeys.

That were required to reach there. Because not everyone is endowed with excellent health, we make it a point to take all of these conditions in mind whenever we provide our specialised helicopter services.

Online reservations for helicopter rides to Kedarnath

The ideal possibility for travellers who are making plans to visit Kedarnath is to make their helicopter reservations online via the Kedarnath Helicopter Service. We provide a number of benefits for our customers, including advance booking.

These benefits are primarily applicable in the months of August and September, which are generally the monsoon season. In the event of poor weather, we will either reschedule or cancel the tour. People are cautioned against travelling during these months since there is a possibility that there could be landslides.


On the first day the temple was open, there were around 10,000 pilgrims who made their way to Kedarnath to worship at the sacred spot. The government of Uttarakhand confirmed the availability of helicopter services for pilgrims as the Char Dham Yatra got underway. This indicates that you may now buy your tickets to reach Kedarnath by helicopter booking in a simple and quick manner. In a statement, the state government of Uttarakhand said that worshippers may only purchase tickets to Kedarnath via the institution’s official website. There is no other website that is authorised to book tickets, therefore worshipers need to be wary of fraudulent websites that are attempting to attract consumers.

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