Creative ideas and Painting tips used by Residential Painters

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Painting a residential place is really important. It enhances the overall of the interior look. Even in a newly constructed or old home, painting completely alters the look of a home.

People usually hire painting contractors in Perth because they add a creative touch that makes the look aesthetic. Moreover, pro painters use tips and techniques to give extra finishing to the surface. But, adopting those methods and creativity is not a big challenge.

If you know about it, you can do it yourself. Even a person who has never painted at home can do creative painting now. You need to know about the ideas and tips that painters use. If you get the ideas, you can paint your home independently. 

So, with professional help and research, we gathered some creative tips that painters use. Painters in Perth themselves want to encircle the common person to know about painting tips.

Here you go with the tips that we brought for you!

Amazing painting techniques and their benefits:

Imagine any room in your house, and we’re sure the walls do not make much of a difference to your plans. Painting the interior is much more than deciding the paint colour. When beautiful colours combine with creatine techniques, it creates a beautiful visual impression. Moreover, when you are creative with paint colours in your home, it will provide you benefits, such as.

  • Creativity instils a fresh vibe in your place
  • Make the house look spacious
  • Boost mental health
  • Creativity in your home can be a great investment
  • You remain up to date with contemporary artwork of paint
  • You look happy and fresh all the time

Use strie techniques

It is a French expression of streaking. This is one of the most stunning painting techniques painters use on walls. Moreover, it creates a look that resembles linen material. Therefore, it’s called the decorative faux finish.

Professional painters in Perth use strie techniques to paint walls. The StriƩ technique creates horizontal or vertical lines with paint. It adds this stunning warmth and amazing texture to the surface. In addition to this, this tip blends sensibly with any panache.

You can create this texture on walls with brushes and paint glaze. So, avoid all the hassle of applying wallpaper and use this technique. Professional painters in Perth encourage homeowners to learn the basics of residential painting. Therefore, they shared their techniques so you can apply them in your home.

Get creative with the tap.

If you are looking to change the entire look of your room or want to brighten up the whole house, do some creativity. From adding strips to the porch wall to painting the big hallways, you can use this easy technique. This is the smooth way for anyone to paint creatively in your home that professional painters have shared. People usually hire painting contractors in Perth, but you can do it at home with their advice.

You can create a design of your choice with the painter’s tape, such as zigzag, angle shape, lines, etc. Besides this, you can invent your own ideas to create patterns. Moreover, there is no limit to creating patterns with a tap. You can layer painted shapes onto existing painted patterns, like wallpaper or vintage paintings.

Paint with more than two colours

Use more than two colours. It adds a sense of creativity and fun to your space. Furthermore, you can add dimensions or characters on a wall, whether a bedroom or bathroom.

Steps to be creative with painter’s tape


Make patterns on the wall with a pencil 

Mark each section with a dab of paint


Place the tap on the outside edge of the patterns you create 

Hold a putty knife to cut the tap easily


Apply the first paint colour you choose

Let it dry for 24 hours

Remove the tap

Repeat the process

With the second colour, repeat the same process

Let the paint dry 

Remove the taps


Sponging is another painting technique. This level of creativity enhances the overall look of the interior. To do this technique at home, you need a sponge roller or simply a sponge. Painting contractors in Perth recommend a sponge roller would be more appropriate than a simple sponge because it needs a lot of time to create a pattern with a simple sponge.

You can use one or different paint colours to be creative with the sponge technique. This is a quick, easy, and difficult to mess up technique.

  • Apple the base paint colour on the wall
  • Let it dry for at least for one day
  • Take a sponge roller
  • Dip into the paint color and apply onto the wall
  • Let it dry to achieve the perfect texture.

Ombre technique

Ombre painting focuses on a single paint color that gradually blends into another. It covers the range between two colors, resulting in a completely enchanting ocean upshot. As stated, ombre is a vanishing effect in which a dark or rich shade steadily fades from sides to sides or top to bottom across the wall.

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