PGDM Rural Management Degree with diverse career opportunities

PGDM Rural Management Degree

If you are looking to do a degree that will lead, you to diverse career opportunities then look no further because we have the right opportunity for you. A Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Management will give you not just a variety of career opportunities to go for but it will build a very good foundation that will lead you to get promotions in your career. You can explore the best colleges for PGDM/MBA in rural management ranked by different websites online. In this article, we will discuss how PGDM in rural management can help you realize your dream of getting a management degree and building a successful career.

1. Scope of the program

Considering India’s predominantly rural population, there is a huge opportunity to get employment in the field of rural management. A person who has a degree in rural management can get a job in any sector or start a non-profit or any Sci-tech, Mark-tech, Edu-tech or Agri-tech business enterprise. Therefore, if someone is interested in managing agricultural products or agriculture marketing then they can go for PGDM in rural management.

2. Salaries of the employees

As there are so many job opportunities in the sector, a person is bound to think about the average salary. But the people who get a PGDM degree in rural management are hard to find and that is why the top companies like Hero group, ICIC, and Aditya Birla group are constantly looking for hiring the managers at rural level. The starting salary for any fresher can depend on their level of expertise. This means that a newcomer can easily make about 3 to 4 lakh per annum, which will grow significantly with an increase in experience.

3. Types of job roles

With a degree in rural management, you can expect to come across quite a lot of opportunities to work at the grassroots level in different roles and responsibilities. For example, a person can work as a rural executive, trainer, consultant, or researcher, and after gaining experience for a few years the positions that are open for the degree holder are senior program officer, senior consultant, along with jobs in National and international NGOs. This is to say that there is no limitation to opportunities with a rural management degree.

4. Scope in the global sector

There is a lot of scope for working in the Indian rural sector but it’s not just limited to that. Globally, a person with a PGDM in rural management can go for careers in different enterprises that are based in the rural, semi-urban, and even urban segment. Along with this – marketing, human resource development, sale and purchase, and many large-level projects employ people with rural management degrees for their expert opinion.

5. Choice of joining any sector

The rural management degree can help you secure opportunities in big reputed companies. So, your scope is not just limited to the private sector. With a PGDM degree, you have the options to work in the government sector as well. Apart from these two, the degree holders can consider non-profit sector as well.

Since there are so many opportunities with a PGDM in Rural Management, you can look at institutes for PGDM in Gujarat for some of the best institutes in the country. Some of the top companies reach out to such colleges for campus placements and this gives fresher’s a good career start.

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