Reading Level: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

Google Ranking Factor

There are many theories on whether reading ability is an element in ranking. Are they essential to SEO the writing of content? Find out what experts have to say.

Of all the ranking factors, reading levels are the most prone to misperceptions from those within the SEO community (and those who aren’t part of it too).

A lot of tools incorporate readability into their grade system, like the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.:

It’s becoming more important to dispel these misconceptions.

What is the most essential thing to edit and write with perfection before you can get into the green?

In terms of reading level, what is crucial to pay attention to?

Do higher scores on readability really help improve your ranking?

This article will discuss whether reading comprehension is one of the Google rank factors.

The Claim: Reading Level Is A Ranking Factor

People novices to SEO and writing may quickly be obsessed with getting their reading scores up to par using Yoast.

It’s also the case when they don’t see any sudden changes in ranking.

However, the reality is that the reading level does not matter for ranking, and removing the passive voice will not propel you into the top position on the first page.

It is not the same for you to write your content at 6. The Grade 11 level.

The most important thing to remember in writing and optimizing your content is to be aware of the purpose behind every word you employ and ensure it’s suitable for your target audience.

The Evidence

Let’s begin with the initial inquiry: is reading proficiency a critical factor in the ranking?


Reading level isn’t an indicator of rank.

On the 23rd of January and 23rd of January, in an event called Google Webmaster Office Hours, the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst of Google, John Mueller, confirmed that reading level isn’t an important factor in ranking.

The was asked about the accessibility of information and the way Google evaluates this.

“From an SEO standpoint, this is probably not something you’ll need to concentrate on. Because the best I can tell, we don’t have this type of algorithm that looks at words and then tries to figure out your reading level based upon the current algorithms.

It is something you must determine for your target audience.”

Watch Mueller’s response here in the Google Webmaster Hangout.

Portent conducted a study analyzing the reading level of 756,297 pages of content for 30,000 searches. The study found no connection between ranking with Google and the page reading level.

Do you really care about your reading ability in SEO?

Yes! On the exact Google Webmaster Hangout, Mueller made connections between the reading levels and the intent of the search:

“So this is a situation where I’ve seen many issues pop up, in the sense that a website can be speaking to their target audience.

Thus… one typical example of this is a site for medical information. It is crucial to offer medical advice to people because you know they’re concerned about this. All of your content uses medical terms, which are 20 characters long. Technically speaking, everything is correct.

You can determine the reading score of the content. You will get an amount.

However, it’s not the issue of Google applying this reading level score and deciding if it’s positive or negative. However, is it able to correspond to what users are looking for? If nobody is searching for those lengthy words, then no one will be able to locate your website’s content. If they discover the content, they’re likely to look similar to…”I do not know what this means.”

Google has also offered hints suggesting that reading levels are incorporated into search algorithms.

In December 2010, Google introduced its ” Reading Level” advanced search filter but then eliminated the reading level filter in May of 2015.

In the last few years, Google has been developing machine learning models such as BERT and MUM, which aim to comprehend the content language and its quality.

However, as previously stated, no evidence proves that reading ability is an indicator of ranking.

The level of reading is knowing your reader and writing to them.

There’s nothing to be said about “perfect score.”

Make sure you keep a flow that is easy to read with simple sentences.

In my case, I attempt to maintain my reading levels between 6-8 as a reference with my Hemingway App.

Reading Level As A Ranking Signal: Our Verdict

The process of writing content for your target audience takes time, TLC and patience.

But forcing your writing to be able to adapt to a particular reading level isn’t required for you to be ranked higher.

Numerous theories are floating around regarding the role of reading levels as an indicator of ranking.

You got it straight from Mueller himself. Reading level is not one of the algorithms.

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