7 Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Cricket App in 2022


Cricket is one of the favorite sports of Indians, the unofficial national sport of India. Over the past few years, it has become a lot more than a field game. It has expanded its root in the virtual world just like online chess, card games, poker, ludo and many more.

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus fantasy sports has gained immense popularity and become an escape from dealing with blues. Statistics show that online fantasy sports in India were worth 20 billion INR in 2021. The market size is expected to hit 50 billion Indian rupees by 2025. It is safe to say that investing in fantasy cricket is lucrative. Here are 7 reasons to invest in Fantasy cricket applications in 2022.

But before that let’s understand what a fantasy cricket application is.

What is meant by Fantasy Cricket Application?

The fantasy cricket application is an online fantasy game where users build a virtual cricket team of 11 players. These game applications allow users to play and compete in real matches and their performance is analysed on the score they made during the match. A fantasy cricket application is based on bowling and batting. The process of playing fantasy cricket is quite simple and functions one-on-one (1v1). The fantasy cricket application allows you to play for the prize money that can be transferred to the user’s payment account.

There are a plethora of best fantasy cricket apps such as dream 11, My11circle, MyTeam11, Gamezy and many more. There are many fantasy cricket app downloads which are available for iOS and Android users. 

Now that you know that you know what fantasy cricket applications let us get to know the reasons to invest in fantasy cricket applications.

Here are 7 Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Cricket App in 2022.

1. Zero competition

There is a wide opportunity in the market to grow the fantasy cricket business and earn a hefty profit because of zero competition in the market. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in fantasy cricket applications then now is the right time. As there are fewer competing apps and less competition in the market then thriving in it would be a lot easier than ever before. The chances of you surviving in the industry are quite high if the situation remains the same,

 2. Legal in India

Fantasy sports are legal in India unlike betting and gambling on games. But the situation was quite different in the initial years as the fantasy cricket application development companies fought a battle with the supreme court. Fortunately, they won the battle. The upliftment of the ban has led to huge investment in Fantasy cricket applications as you are not betting on live cricket games but a one-on-one game.

3. More sponsors

Fantasy sport applications such as fantasy cricket applications bring many sponsors who want to try their hands on marketing strategies such as advertisements. The application is one of the best ways to advertise and get more sponsors. The increasing popularity and expanding user base of Fantasy cricket has gathered the attraction of many brands. This has also motivated them to invest more in fantasy cricket applications as it is a profitable business.

4. More returns on less investment

The fantasy cricket application works more like trading because profits are quite good. Fantasy cricket application developers allow investors to invest even a small amount such as 100 INR. These small transactions are known as a microtransaction. Microtransaction allows investors to invest even amounts as low as 100 INR and as high as 1000000 INR. Hence, it can be said that more returns on less investment i.e; it is a lucrative business and can spend more on fantasy cricket applications.

5. Online Cricket streaming

Online cricket streaming has generated another stream of revenue for many investors and entrepreneurs. Streaming live games has also received tremendous popularity due to which many users are registering and building a strong network. Online cricket streaming enables players to showcase their deep knowledge of the game. In this way, users learn about fantasy cricket players got selected such as what team to choose and what to focus on.

6. Good for leisure and entertainment

The fantasy cricket application is one of the best sources of entertainment and leisure activity. If you indulge yourself and learn quite insightful about fantasy cricket. What attracts the users is a real-time experience due to which it has a huge fan base. If you are thinking to invest in fantasy cricket app development then you need to have some great and talented application developers. 

7. Network with people of like mind

Network with people of like mind is a cherry on top. It is always the best way to communicate with people who have some thought processes and interests. Because fantasy cricket applications work the same as a social platform where players interact and chat during the games and often make new friends. In this way, you expand your network as well as current knowledge and develop insights and help them learn some smart strategies from other players.

In conclusion

Fantasy cricket app development in India is quite cheaper than in other countries of the world. If you are planning to invest in application development then you must plan accordingly. Because there are quite a few things to consider such as payment details, time frame and other technical aspects.

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