Revature Marks a Few Personality Traits That Make People Good Developers


Software developer needs to have qualities beyond their technical knowledge to be successful in their career. While the knowledge of programming languages and the ability to work with particular tools are definitely important, both of them are teachable. Great software engineering comes from within. It is about who a person is and what they have learned through life experiences, regardless of their background. Companies like Revature help candidates to hone soft-skills that are required to have a fulfilling career in tech, alongside equipping them with the knowledge of most in-demand technologies.

Revature shares a brief insight into the personality traits that helps people to become good software developers

The prime personality trait important for software development is creativity. A creative mind is among the most valuable assets of a software developer. Developers are likely to face a lot of complex concerns and issues that do not always respond to typical solutions. As a result, they have to think outside the box and find new solutions. The creativity of software developers would allow them to identify solutions that other people may not even think of.

The second important personality trait for software developers is curiosity. As a project goes wrong, a developer with a curious mind would start to investigate immediately. They take a good look at what happened, and what did not go the right way, and explore what can be done differently to change the outcome. Developers are often able to solve problems more effectively and promptly, if they approach issues with curiosity rather than judgment or frustration. Curiosity also helps in driving innovation. Curious developers take into account the problems faced by users, and try to find the solution that can make things easier.

The third vital personality trait for successful software developers is courage. No matter whether a software developer is pitching a new idea or trying out a new fix, they must have the courage to go out on a limb and see if it actually works out well. It takes courage to test a program without knowing that there is a good chance that it will not work. No matter the struggles a software developer faces in their career, their courage will help them to stay true to their ideas and try their best in every project.

Much like most other jobs today, software developers also need good communication skills. These professionals do not operate in a vacuum. Software development is a highly complex procedure, and requires collaboration among several people with distinctive skills. Good communicators are able to convey their ideas efficiently and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly, which allows them to gather ideas that make the final product much better.

Any person having the skills mentioned above is likely to become quite a successful software developer. Companies like Revature can provide these individuals to learn other skills required in the field, and equip them with the knowledge needed to be job-ready in the field of software development. This company is renowned for its intensive training programs, and has helped several candidates land lucrative tech jobs.

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