Role of teacher as a moral guide

Role of teacher as a moral guide

The responsibility is much bigger than people thought. The general thought of the people is that teacher is only responsible for the academic performance and education of the child. Still, in reality, after the parents, it is a teacher who creates the personality and character of the child. In regard to this, the responsibility of the teacher becomes very important and huge. A teacher guides students on how to move forward in life and live a successful life. Among numerous roles that teachers play in the life of students and children, one is the role of moral guide.

Role of Teacher as a Moral Guide:

Besides being the best instructor, facilitator and hub of knowledge, it is the responsibility of the teacher to provide moral guidance to their students. Children do what they watch their elders doing. Similar to that, most students idolise and follow their teachers and try to be like them. That is why they follow their footstep and try to act, behave and talk like them. This makes it more obvious that students look at their teachers for moral guidance and development. Here we will discuss how a teacher can play an effective role as a moral guide for the students.

Be a kind and helpful teacher:

Undoubtedly, the teacher is the second most important and influential person in every student’s life. They are the one who holds the future of the children in their hands. Although a person’s struggles and intelligence are responsible for their success, it is a teacher who teaches them to do so along with building the future of the students. Another prominent role and impact that teacher has is that they are the one who makes the students kind and helpful person.

Now the question raises is how a teacher can make anyone a helpful and kind person. It is because these are the qualities that children adopt from the teacher. After all, they are looking for these qualities in a teacher. A student wants their teachers to be kind and helpful to them. When a teacher is cruel and discouraging and does not become a guardian angel for them, this hurts students on many different levels. Even this behaviour of the teacher makes students disappointed, and they think to do the same with the others and treat them in a way they are treated.

That is why it is really important to be kind to your students. Understand their problem and help them in the hard times of their life, either academic or personal.

Provide guidance:

With every spending year, parents are shrinking their responsibilities. The burden and responsibilities on the shoulders of the teachers are increasing day by day. Now along with teaching students and providing them knowledge, teachers are also providing guidance about the other responsibilities and roles of life.

A teacher as a moral guide should teach students to work hard, keep struggling and never give up. Teach them to set big goals for their life and live ambitious life. Guide them about the struggles and ups and downs of life. Train them and prepare them for the hard times so that they can go through different tests of life without losing hope.

Teach about the ethical norms:

Teach students basic manners and ethics. Undoubtedly teacher is the one who makes the child a well-behaved and well-mannered kid. Every kid spends a few hours of the day with the teacher. These hours keep floating between four or five hours or sometimes more. Make rules in the classroom that give ethical teaching to the students. For instance, greeting the teacher and other class fellows, asking for permission, saying excuse me and thank you, speaking politely with everyone and other similar rules and manners.

Along with asking students to do so, you should also behave in the same way when they will watch their teachers act like that. They will automatically adopt it. The manner and ethics children learn at an early age become a permanent part of the person’s personality.

Produce enthusiastic learners:

Another important responsibility of the teacher as a moral is to make students enthusiastic learners who want to learn new things. Make students understand that learning is a lifelong process and continues with every new day. Those who love to learn can win the world. Those students who learn from all the best sources available to them have plenty of knowledge.

Make your students the ones who are curious and who ask questions. To learn anything well, it is really important to ask questions. Make up the brain of your students in a way that raises questions. Keen and enthusiastic learners try to learn from every source. They go to the library, read books, watch online videos and take classes with great interest, so they do not need any online class help or help from any similar service for their academic tasks.

Become an example for your students:

Teachers should keep in mind that they are role models for the students. Their students react and handle the situation exactly in the way they see them. So try to become a good example as a moral guide for them. As a moral guide, you should be honest with your students and other people. Speak gently in front of the students. Try to help them as much as you can. Understand their problems and listen to them. Appreciate them so that they can learn how to appreciate others. Act as you want them to behave.


The moral development of every child is so important because, as a society, we all live together in the same place. So learning how to behave in society and live peacefully in a way that makes society a better place to live is very important. If they do not have moral values, norms and ethics, they cannot contribute to society positively. Otherwise, the problems, instead of decreasing, will keep increasing, and we cannot move forward as a society.

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