Royal Enfield Tour Ideas For The Adventure Lovers

Royal Enfield Tour Ideas For The Adventure Lovers

Bikers gain knowledge while travelling with their sweethearts, i.e., their beloved bikes. The time spent on a bike ride is when one may unleash their inner adventurer and pave the way for personal growth. India appears to be the ideal destination for such ardent bike riders because it can provide a virtually unmatched experience.

Royal Enfield Tour Ideas in India not only offer easy direct exposure to remote locations but also aid in a good sense of the diversity of the nation. 

This is true whether the destinations are the highest snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the thickest forests of the North East, or the most desolate areas of Rajasthan.


The ideal biking location in India may be Ladakh. Any wild bike rider having proper riding gear for bike would want to take on this task in this area, which is blessed with such enchanting beauty. The riders are kept on their toes by the challenging terrain, the erratic and unreliable weather, and the ongoing danger of avalanches and other perils.

Breathtaking lakes, steep mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries, and winding, primarily unpaved roads may all be found in Ladakh. As a result, there are many options when choosing a ride in this area, but you should realize that each path has its advantages and thrills, so you can never go without the required automotive accessories.

Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley in India offers another difficult and comparable biking course. Spiti, which is a part of Himachal Pradesh, is quite similar to Ladakh. Therefore, if you are unable to arrange a bike vacation to Ladakh, you may comfortably settle for Spiti Valley since it offers a similar level of adrenaline thrill.

In reality, the Hindustan-Tibet route that enters the Spiti valley guarantees that a rider would have consistent thrills throughout. You may go close to the highest settlements in Asia by taking this journey.

Western Arunachal Pradesh

Western Arunachal Pradesh is among the greatest destinations in India for biking because of its desolate scenery. Yes, there is a good possibility you may encounter gravel roads and landslides during the ride, but the beauty of the surrounding landscape more than makes up for it.

This high-altitude path is enticing for an adventurer because of the waterfalls, terraced rice fields, alpine woods, alpine terrain, small human villages, now-covered roadways (in winter), and the chance to observe the distinctive tribal culture.

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu

You can be sure that this location will make your pulse beat faster! Kolli Hills is a picturesque hill resort in Tamil Nadu’s the Eastern Ghats. The hills are well known for their constant 70 hairpin curves, which, by the way, are quite enough to delight you all. 

Along with the Agaya Gangai waterfall, an old Shiva temple, and pineapple orchards, this tropical hill is well-known. A great strategy would be to bicycle from Bangalore to Kolli Hills during the weekend.


A trip on a motorcycle across Kerala is a memorable adventure. Kerala is home to immaculate beaches, stunning lighthouses, and fascinating natural beauty. When choosing a bike route throughout the state, one is spoiled for options. A bike ride from Cochin to the Southern Ghats, where a variety of animals may be viewed, would make for the perfect excursion in Kerala.

The cyclist is inspired the entire time by the breathtaking vistas of the paddy fields, rubber plantations, and tea plantations. On the other side, motorcycles are warmly welcomed on a path in the Southern Western Ghats near Kodaikanal.

Vazhachal Forest, Valparai

One of the greatest examples of South India’s stunning riding routes is the one from Valparai to Vazhachal Forest. The monsoon season might be the best time to cycle this route. The path runs from Tamil Nadu’s Pollachi to Kerala’s Chalakudy, which is surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforests, cloud forests, and evergreen forests.

Beautiful waterfalls, a lot of dams, and reservoirs are all along the walk. Wildlife sightings also constitute a sizable portion of this region because it is either a part of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve or the Vazhachal Forest Reserve. The attractions that will undoubtedly draw bike riders here are the well-kept roads and the emerald splendour of the trees.

Delhi – Ranthambore

Delhi to Ranthambore is home to an exciting bike ride. One can include places to explore on this bike trip in India depending on the amount of time and endurance they have. The voyage will start in Delhi and can continue via Agra to Jaipur and ultimately Ranthambore. 

The Delhi-Ranthambore bike tour may be referred to as the meeting of two worlds since it offers incongruous vistas of densely packed homes, sparsely populated terrain, and raucous roadways next to peaceful and picturesque neighbourhoods.

Final Verdict Royal Enfield Tour Ideas

Although there are many Royal Enfield Tour Ideas for other locations in India where you may ride a bike, the spots described above offer the finest road journeys in India by bike. Buy riding gears from CarOrbis and give yourself a few days of rest and an unusual experience.

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