Some Easy Yet Effective Tips To Free Your Home Of Any Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pest Control

Is your home infested with annoying bed bugs making your life miserable? Many times we invite these bugs into our house from outside as they hitchhike in our clothes and luggage. The inside of a house provides the bugs with an ideal environment to thrive. They can cause real nuisance by biting on the skin as they are parasites that live by sucking out blood. 

They prefer the corners and crevices of our house to hide. Another important thing to know is that these insects are not necessarily found only in beds. Any place with a suitable temperature can house them. Therefore, to get rid of these trouble-causing creatures, we must take effective bed bugs pest control measures. Here is a compilation of some tips that will help you prevent bed bugs.

Some of the signs to look for

Before beginning with the tips, we must know how to identify the signs of bed bugs. Only proper knowledge will help you in bed bugs control

  • The first sign would be finding the tiny creatures in sight. They are oval and measure barely ½ inch. They expand in size after feeding on blood. They are of reddish brown colour with a flattened body.
  • If you have bugs in your bed, you are sure to get bitten by them. The bites look somewhat similar to mosquito bites. There is a high chance to mistake the bites for normal skin rash. They usually bite on legs, arms, neck or face.
  • If your home is infested with such pests, you will surely notice shredded wings and smears. You can also observe red or brown spots of blood on bed linens. Check the curves of the beds and folds of the sheets to find cast skins.
  • Bed bugs are difficult to spot in other places other than beds. Especially for things with a darker tone. They like hiding in the gaps as wide as a credit card. 
  • Their eggs are white making them very difficult to find and locate on the bed.

Tips for effective bed bugs prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Here is a list of some outstanding tips for bed bug pest control. Following these tips –

  • Cover any open power portals –

Are you still facing bed bug issues even after extermination? This could be because of your open electric power portals. The small insects can re-enter your home through the outlet and rest somewhere safe until they move inside your house. Even the existing bugs can use the portal openings to travel and spread to other parts of your house.

  • Clean the floor using a vacuum –

Frequent and thorough vacuuming of the floor and carpeting will keep the bugs at bay. You are wrong to think bed bugs only reside in your bed. They can be anywhere from sofas to carpets. Therefore, vacuuming can help you reduce the chance of bug infestation. Pay attention to the edges where the floor meets the walls. After vacuuming, dispose of the bag carefully in a sealed trash can. This is to ensure the bugs do not escape the trash bag.

  • De-clutter your space –

Clutter will hinder the process of effective bed bug control. It will be difficult to find and locate the little insects in a pile of cluttered items. Throw away the useless items as much as you can. Pay special attention to any clutter gathered near the walls. These areas are one of the favorite hiding locations for the bugs. 

  • Keep the mattress covered –

Covering the mattress using casings and covers is an excellent idea. Using mattress covers will prevent bugs from getting inside your mattress. Make sure the fabric quality is durable and wear and tear proof.

  • Check your bed and other furniture frequently –

Keep all your furniture under constant scrutiny. Look for the signs of early infestation in all of them, especially in the older ones. Be extra cautious while buying old furniture as well.

  • Be aware of carrying them in from outside places –

There is a huge chance of carrying bed bugs into your space from outside. From the couches at a departmental store to the dressing room, there is a chance of catching bugs everywhere. Avoid putting your clothes on anything cushioned while changing in a dressing room.

  • Get your home treated by professionals –

Lastly, in case you are already facing severe issues, better seek professional help for bed bugs pest control. It is not something an individual can handle. Also, professional extermination is quite complex, demanding special skills and training. They will ensure the complete removal of bugs from not only the beds but also the entire house.


Bed bug infestation is a concerning situation. One must take immediate measures to put an end to the problem as fast as possible. With these effective bed bug control tips, you are sure to eliminate the problem.

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