Stocking Your Bar: Tips for Choosing the Right Cocktail Syrups

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We all know that the secret to any unforgettable party is a well-stocked bar. While no bar is complete without a collection of spirits, liquors, wine and beer, there is much more to consider when building a bar. Without further ado, let’s dive into some helpful tips that you can use to stock up your bar for all your entertainment needs.

Pick your Taste!

First things first! Decide on what drinks you usually have. Do you just want to stock a few signature cocktails or set up a full bar to allow future guests to make their own mixed drinks? If you are thinking of hitting it hard with liquor, the booze you will need is rum, vodka, gin, and whisky, as these will cover all your moods. Following are a few points about these staple drinks:


Vodka may lack taste, colour, and aroma, but it makes up for its mixability. Vodka can help you prepare numerous cocktails with just a few other ingredients like Martini, Screwdriver, and Lemon Drop.

Bourbon Whiskey

Wonderful to sip on and mix with other drinks, bourbon is a great spirit to have on hand.


Gin is a base spirit for many popular cocktails, so it’s always nice to have a good gin cocktail syrup on the bar.


Tropical, delicious, and highly mixable, rum comes in dark and light versions. Light rum is used as a cocktail syrup mix in cocktails, while dark rum is best for punches.


Tequila is a must-have for shooting, sipping or mixing. Gold is cheaper and used as a mix, while silver can be served straight up. Paloma, Bloody Mary, Margarita, and Tequila Sunrise are some popular tequila cocktails.

Stock up

Whatever you decide on, make sure to stock up on it. Also, have plenty of glasses around so that you don’t have to look for those when you are in the middle of a party. Your cocktail tool kit with a muddler, strainer, shaker, and shot measure should be kept handy. And don’t forget the corkscrew and a bottle opener.

Bitters, mixers, extra bits

If setting up a full bar, you can consider some must-have mixers, including tonic water, club soda, aerated beverages, and orange juice. A good selection of bitters is crucial to a classy cocktail bar.

Always stock on a few different types of garnishes so that your guests can prepare their favourite cocktails. If you are in doubt, go for the crowd-favourite lemons. Other garnishes you can stock include olives, orange slices, and mint leaves.

Sip and snack

If you want to enjoy drinking sessions to the fullest, you should keep the nibbles going with the drinks. Stock up on several fuss-free options. Crackers, cheese boards, and dips are ideal. Chips and nuts are also wonderful.

Style it up

In case of future parties, the bar will be the most populated area. Therefore, it only makes sense that the space is spacious yet stylish. If you have some extra space, consider adding up some decor items, such as a vase with some blooms or a photo frame with your favourite drink.

Alcohol-free options

Make sure you stock up on some non-alcoholic drinks as well. Those who don’t drink or choose to remain sober should not be stuck with drinking water at your party while others are celebrating. However, talking of water, keep some drinking water handy too. It is a good idea to stay hydrated while drinking.


Having a well-stocked bar with the best cocktail mixers in Australia allows you to practice your mixology skills and entertain guests in the best way possible. You can make almost any standard drink by stocking your bar with the right cocktail syrups.

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