Surprise your lover: 8 ideas to spice up your relationship

Surprise your lover: 8 ideas to spice up your relationship

Routine kills love slowly. When the wonder of the first moments gives way to habits, it’s time to react. You have to be creative then, to surprise your man.

To maintain the flame of the beginning, you must make efforts. So consider time as your ally, and don’t let the cares of life defeat you. Surprise him with a meal, a gift, an outing, or watch a football game with him.

The man likes to hunt, but every once in a while he wants to feel that you care about him. The little things he did not expect will not leave him indifferent. Do not fall into exaggeration, however!

Each surprise must be prepared with love, and with the aim of pleasing him. Even if it is a sacrifice for you, your relationship needs it to grow stronger over time.

Your husband deserves you to go out of your way for him. So, what to do to seduce on a daily basis and surprise your darling? We suggest 8 simple ideas that you could practice, without breaking the bank.

1. Prepare a candlelight dinner

Usually, you are tired in the evening, and you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Be aware, however, that there are dishes that are easy to prepare, and inexpensive too. So pick a day, and do it for your darling.

Imagine he comes home from work, intending to take a shower, have a bite to eat, and go to bed. Instead, he finds you waiting for him, dressed in your best dress. Next, the table is set, and you have lit the candles.

That’s the surprise, and your man won’t be able to resist it. Even if the food isn’t really special, the romantic vibe will take over. Be sure that your evening will end in style.

2. Improvise a foot massage

Men love the little touches. As he stretches out his feet, which have been locked in shoes all day, give him a massage. He will appreciate this small gesture, and he will feel very special.

All the tension of the body accumulates at the level of the feet. A massage in this part is therefore welcome, for a good relaxation. Why not take the opportunity to give him a foot bath? This will, at the same time, eliminate toxins. Don’t forget to perfume him with the scents he likes.

3. Give him an unusual gift to surprise him

Whoever told you that men don’t need gifts has deceived you. However, you have to know your partner well, to know what would make him happy. If you find something unusual, that’s even better.

Want to surprise him? During your shopping, you discovered an unreleased album by his favorite singer. So, wrap it up, and don’t wait for his birthday to give it to him. For more effect, ask him to close his eyes.

4. Organize an outing

There are times when you have to leave the daily routine, and escape with it. You need it, too. Do not hesitate to improvise an outing for a weekend. Choose a place that your husband dreamed of discovering.

It is not necessary to prepare everything in detail. Moreover, it is the taste for adventure that will spice up this program. You can take the opportunity to invite close friends he has not seen for many years.

But beware ! Before telling him of your intention, assure him that he has nothing important to do. If he had planned to receive his parents or his friends, you will create a lot of confusion.

5. Text him while he’s at work

Most often, the costs of communication and the whims of the networks force us to transmit just the essentials. Besides, when your man is at work, he doesn’t like to be bothered with household worries. Don’t worry, he’s not the only one.

So, instead of telling her the car broke down, write her a little love text. Seeing that the message is from you, he is already thinking of something worse. But great will be his surprise when he discovers the content: “I love you, my love! Have an excellent day ! »

However, don’t overdo it. If you overwhelm him with messages during work hours, it may distract him. And the consequences in his performance will not be very pleasant. It is therefore an act to be carried out in moderation.

6. Come by surprise to pick up your man after work

From time to time, leave your pans and pick up your lover on the descent. It’s even better if you plan to invite him to his favorite restaurant. Ask him how his day was, and don’t talk to him about bills or other worries.

Of course, he wouldn’t expect it at all. Which doesn’t mean you can do it every day. Know that if you wait for him every night, he may conclude that you are jealous. It would make him very uncomfortable.

Also avoid pretending to enjoy this moment, if you have serious things to say to him. Besides, it’s up to you to set the tempo. Your partner will only follow you, in the atmosphere you create.

7. Prepare some popcorn to attend a football game with him

You really don’t have the patience to stay in an armchair, to watch a football match. You’re not the first, so don’t panic. However, to spend time with your husband, you are ready to make an effort. That’s not all, you have prepared popcorn or snacks.

It can be another activity, such as video games, card games, a bike ride. Finally, something you’re not used to doing, but it’s his favorite pastime. Your man will be left speechless. Who knows if that won’t encourage him to accompany you to your gym sessions?

8. Invite her friends over

Before meeting you, your darling was spending more time with his friends. Gradually, he reduced or even eliminated these outings, in order to be able to stay with you. Which does not mean that he has forgotten his old acquaintances, or that he no longer wants to see them.

Plan a special day, where you will invite his friends. There is no shortage of ideas to delight the gallery: a barbecue, a cocktail, petit fours, etc. Obviously you need to know who to invite. Don’t make the mistake of calling her ex.


Preparing a surprise for her man is not at all easy, if you are not ready to make small sacrifices. In reality, it’s a must, if you don’t want to get bored in the routine.

If you do it with love, you will reap the rewards. In addition, it helps to improve your relationship, and allows you to get to know each other better. So, a little effort?

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