Survival Tips – How To Build The Best Bug Out Bag

Life can confront us with many different situations in a short period of time that we may not see coming. With the state the world is in, it’s easy to get scared and feel like we need to be prepared for “the worst.” The secret to serenity is to prepare in advance for the unpredictable. After all, the worst that can happen is a disaster in which you are unable to care for yourself or your loved ones. In this case, a sehabags is very useful.

The best emergency bag is ready when you need it, and contains everything you need to live away from civilization for at least 7 days. An emergency bag assumes that you will have to leave home for some reason and will not be able to return for at least a few days. It also assumes that if the situation is so bad that you have to leave your home, you won’t be able to drive to the local Wal-Mart and stock up on all the necessities. Therefore, it is important that you take time before the disaster to assess your current situation and needs and anticipate your needs for the future.

What is an Emergency kit?

There are several types of emergency kits, commonly referred to as Bug Out Bags or BOBs. Each serves a different, though sometimes similar, purpose to help you be prepared for whatever may come your way.

An everyday bag contains emergency equipment that you always carry with you. These items help you deal with emergency situations and everyday challenges more easily. A home bag, as the name implies, is designed to get you home. It contains more gear than you would carry on a day-to-day basis, and you typically keep it in your office or car.

An emergency bag is an emergency kit that contains everything you need to survive for up to a week without contact with the outside world or resources.

It can be helpful to think of the three types of bags this way: In the event of a disaster, your everyday gear will take you from where you are to your escape bag. The escape bag takes you to your emergency bag. And the emergency bag serves to protect you for an extended period of time.

Identify your needs

Different factors mean different needs. When putting together your emergency bag, some of the things you should consider are:

Where do you live? Whether you live in a rural or urban area will affect your needs in a survival situation. If you are likely to survive in a disaster-stricken inner city, you may need self-defense and demolition tools rather than shelters and fire-starting materials. However, most people will likely try to flee to a wildland area to wait out the situation they are trying to escape.

Where would you go if your home was no longer safe? Planning ahead gives you a chance to get a feel for the country and figure out various strengths and weaknesses. If you need a map for your chosen area, be sure to have it with you when you pack your escape bag.

How will you get there? Depending on the type of disaster, it is likely that you will be on foot. You may need two destinations, one that you can reach by car and another on foot. If you can get around in your vehicle, all the better, but you should pack your emergency bag so that you can carry it a long distance.

To that end, you can set a realistic weight limit for yourself. You can always keep an extra bag of “nice to have” items nearby to throw in the trunk of the truck or car when you can drive.

Who is depending on you? Few people live in a vacuum. Who would turn to you for help in the event of a disaster? Do you have children at home? A spouse or partner you need to think about? When planning your emergency bag, think about these people as well. Include them in the planning and ask them to pack an emergency bag for themselves as well, or help them do so.

Unique medical needs? Do you or the people you care for have special medical needs you should consider? Rescue medications such as inhalers and epi-pens should always be a priority when preparing for an emergency.

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