Tea Room Business Plan – Market Research

Market research is essential to achieving business goals, but like everything else, it can be exaggerated. Importance, focus and economy are the keys to good market research. This is especially true for a tea 강남풀싸롱 as a new business.


Initially, companies have to decide what their target market is. And explore this market to gather relevant information. Geographical importance is important for teahouses. In general, most customers visit the webcam within a certain radius of the website.

Available demographic information should be filtered by geographic relevance.

Other appropriate filters should address issues such as gender, buying loose tea, living standards, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, the number of delicious shops in the area, and other characteristics.


Develop a profile for ideal customer-specific features. Focus on this feature and match the profile with the data collected. Profiles can be changed as more information and knowledge is gathered. Continue to use the profile to evaluate your research.


Each business has a specific marketing strategy that is usually the most successful and has been proven by your most successful competitors. You can benefit from their experience by copying a successful marketing plan, including sales methods, pricing, and advertising. List and research the most successful companies in your field.

Successful local businesses are a valuable source of information. Continue your visit after the start of the tea room.

Ask your customers for feedback.

 For example, ask, “How did you find us?” And “what do you like about our tea room?” In addition to constantly reviewing activities. If the tea stays in the pot permanently or the skins are returned frequently, consider reviewing your menu to find more desirable products.

Without knowing the real wants and needs of your customers, it can be difficult to make good marketing and advertising decisions. When a specific geographic area defines your market, you get cheap census-based demographic reports that provide information about population by race, income, and home ownership. For resources that provide this information, use http://www.Google.com to search the Internet for demographics.


Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competition is an important part of the planning process. The first step to understanding competition is to determine what the competition really is. If there were other rooms nearby, the determination of the contest was evident. However, if there are several entities offering additional tea products, the choice is less clear.

Once competition is identified, their weakness must be addressed. It contains:

  • Provides low quality tea and food
  • Using a dirty or dirty road
  • Limited menu and not complete travel experience
  • Ensure a cool and sterile road environment or an unfortunate and dirty road environment
  • Does not pay attention to customer service
  • No advertisements – “wake up and they will come” message.

For cameras, the internet is the most effective and economical place to develop good marketing information. With the introduction of advanced and advanced search technologies such as Google, search is cost-effective, reliable and constantly updated. In addition, camera owners will have nationwide experience using the Internet properly.

Tea Room Tip: Tea drinkers need tea leaves but pay for quality and service. Give your customers more than they expect.

Camera Tip: Find out which marketing works best for other people in your business.

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