The best lead generation strategies for your eCommerce

Lead generation

Having a business must translate into having good customers, so you need to know lead generation strategies for eCommerce. Which will allow you to attract those people who are interested in the products you offer to users.

The idea is that you can have a good number of potential customers who over time can build loyalty with your brand. It is not about finding unique buyers, but prospects with enough potential to become loyal consumers.

Therefore, if you want to have a successful business, you will need several lead generation techniques for eCommerce. This strategy will be a complement to many others but you need to work on it, because if you don’t have customers it is useless to have good products.

Lead generation techniques for eCommerce

In order for you to achieve your goals, you must structure and then implement your strategy. Although it sounds simple, you have to know some key tactics that will be of great help in the process of generating leads for eCommerce:

1.- Use a subscription form on your website

If you are looking for ways to get leads, the best way is through a subscription form. Through this people interested in your products can voluntarily leave their personal data so that you can communicate with them.

Once you have their email address or mobile phone number, the next step is to contact them. You can send them news related to your business, offers, or free trials of the product you sell.

Simple forms are the best lead generation strategy for eCommerce. Avoid requesting a lot of data, as this can make the user uncomfortable and make him doubt. All you have to do is ask for their name and email address or mobile number.

This form can be integrated into your website so that the interested lead receives direct information. It’s always good if you offer something in exchange for their details like a special offer or discount on their first purchase.

2.- Design a landing page that converts

Landing pages have the same objective, to convert leads. To do this, they rely on a free subscription to a product, the download of an ebook, or a special welcome discount. This reinforces the previous technique because through them you can obtain the user’s email address.

They are more specific pages, unlike eCommerce websites that have a lot of information. In your home, you will find many distracting elements, so it is better that you work with a landing page. In which you show potential customers a specific benefit to get started.

It is advisable that you always carry out an A / B test so that you can see which design works best. It is recommended that you test different types of forms, texts, and offers; so you can choose the one with the highest conversion rates.

3.- Add a good CTA

lead generation with CTA

Among the techniques for generating leads for eCommerce, you cannot miss a good call to action. It is necessary that you have a button or link that has a short, but clear and direct message. Because this is the one that will drive the user to carry out the action you have planned.

You have to be creative enough to get the potential customer’s attention. If you are offering a special offer or a free download in exchange for user data, you must reflect this in the CTA. For example, “Discover the offer” or “Download the ebook for free” are short but precise sentences.

There are some keys that can help you to have really effective calls to action such as:

Design a call to action that stands out, it is essential that it stands out from the rest of the elements. You can use a different color for the background (yellow, red), and enlarge the font size … as much as you can for the user to click on it.

Place your CTA above the scroll, since many users when landing on a page do not do this action. The idea is that you can get their attention just when they enter your website, without having to navigate it.

Carry out A / B tests on your website with different colors, copies or sizes of the CTA and choose the one with the best results.

4.- Take advantage of social networks

Nowadays, social networks cannot be left out in any strategy, and in the case of lead generation for eCommerce, it is no exception. Keep in mind that the posts you make on Facebook or Instagram are not just to earn a few “likes”.

It is not just about placing posts and now, but about generating quality leads. To do this, you need to detect which platforms your target audience is on so that you can have the expected reach. When you know which social networks your audience interacts on, you can create valuable content to share with them.

Make posts on your website, videos, and tutorials, always thinking of your potential customers. So avoid talking only about your brand, and focus on the problems or interests of your followers. When you have a prospect base, you can choose to create a landing with the aim of capturing email addresses.

You can include interesting offers, free trials are also a good incentive. You will see how with these strategies you will easily get them to leave you their contact information. But yes, do not abuse this technique because you can scare away those interested.

5.- Work with social Ads

When it comes to eCommerce lead generation strategies, you can’t forget about Google Ads. By investing in ads you can earn qualified leads for your business. And the best thing about this type of advertising is that it breaks the barrier of one-way communication.

In this case, what you can do is design specific landing pages for a set of ads. In this way, you will be able to capture the contact information of those who visit you. The investment in advertising will be of great help since it can position you in the first place on the results pages.

This will also influence your website traffic and will give you the possibility of multiplying conversions in a short time. Keep in mind that an advertisement on the Internet can be a way for the user who is exposed to your advertising to become a lead. So it must be striking for the segment you are interested in capturing.

6.- Optimize SEO

Beyond using Google ads to position yourself, it is important that you work on SEO optimization. Yes, as you read it, this will also help you in generating leads for eCommerce. This will help you to be in the first positions organically.

It should be noted that the results are not as fast as in SEM, however, they can reach users and last over time. The best of all is that you will not require the investment you made, this will give you the possibility of maintaining constant levels in both organic traffic and lead generation.

7.- Do webinars to educate

Lead Generation with Webinars

Currently, users, before making any decision when making a purchase, make comparisons. But not only that, but they also consult and investigate the business beforehand, to make sure the place where they are going to spend their money is safe.

Think that today’s consumers want to educate themselves, therefore, as a business, you must be able to provide all the knowledge they need. The best way to do this is through webinars, where you can give added value to users in exchange for registration.

Although you may not imagine it, online seminars are considered one of the main strategies for generating leads for eCommerce. What you should do is take advantage of this trend and integrate it into your e-commerce project.

8.- Create a podcast

Speaking of trends in the way users consume, another that has become quite popular is podcasts. It can help you in generating leads for eCommerce since through these audio pieces you can attract new audiences to your website.

If you use a good WordPress podcast plugin you will have the opportunity to create and upload the content to your page. In addition, you can add a form to keep your listeners up to date with all the episodes you broadcast. Of course, these records you get will be quality leads.

As you can see, there are many ways to work on eCommerce lead generation. Best of all, you don’t have to decide on a single technique, you can implement several in different channels. The idea is that you can reach new users who are interested in what your business offers.

To make your strategy even more successful, you can rely on the user acquisition and lead generation performance service that we offer at Blogger Cage. With this, you can obtain quality leads, which will be converted and will generate more sales for your e-commerce.

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