The Importance of Class 1 Driving License: A Complete Guide

HGV drivers have a variety of reasons to become one. For starters, the job market for heavy goods vehicle operators is booming, and you may get your foot in an excellent organization before long!

With all these new opportunities coming out, there are more ways than ever before for people with different responsibilities and lifestyles. That is why having an HGV class 1 driving license would suit someone just perfectly! What’s not to love about having a flexible job where you can work around your own life?

Importance of a class 1 HGV license

First, you need to have a class B lorry license, which is required for professional driving. Next, you need to take a medical exam. You must undergo medical treatment at least every five years. After passing the medical, you will be eligible for a provisional HGV license. This type of license is also known as a ‘provisional license’, and it is valid for three years.

Although the two licenses may look similar, they are not the same. Different licenses allow you to drive different types of HGVs. It is crucial to get the right one for your job. A Class 1 HGV license is the highest. However, you can also get a class C1 license if you plan to drive LGVs and trucks. You can find many local delivery vehicles in this category.

The DPC course can improve your driving skills and your roadworthiness. Among its modules, it teaches you about the importance of road safety and hydraulic controls. This all-around qualification enhances your earning potential and opens up new career opportunities. If you are passionate about driving, you can consider becoming an HGV instructor. Alternatively, you can take up a role in logistics and transport. The benefits of both jobs are worth their weight in gold.

Phases of a class 1 HGV license

The first phase of obtaining a Class 1 HGV license is gaining a provisional license. This can be obtained for free as long as you have a provisional license. You will need to pay for the Driver CPC part 3 and part 4, which are required to obtain a full HGV license. The cost of this training depends on your location. You will need to spend between six and eight weeks studying for your tests. It is advisable to take a class 2 license before aiming for a Class 1 HGV license.

To obtain a provisional HGV license, you must be 18 years old and have a class B license. You must also pass a medical called the D4 form. A medical is compulsory for all HGV drivers. You can also opt to use a private medical company. The provisional HGV license is valid for three weeks. You need to take at least 35 hours of training every five years to maintain your HGV license.

You should be aware of the differences between a class C and a Class E license. A class C license is required if your vehicle weighs more than 7.5 tons and has a detachable trailer. A class C license is for vehicles with rigid bases and is suitable for driving around towns and motorways. A category C1 license is for smaller vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tons.

Cost of obtaining a Class 1 HGV license

There are various costs involved in obtaining a Class 1 HGV license. Some costs are pretty affordable, however. It is advisable to consider the type of license you need and the cost of training to meet the regulations. There are two main categories of licenses: Class C and Class E. Both allow the driver to drive heavy goods vehicles up to 7.5 tons, but only Category C license holders can drive vehicles over that weight. Class E license holders can also drive vehicles of up to 15 tons with detachable trailers.

The training course typically consists of several weeks of classroom training. During these weeks, the driver will learn all aspects of professional driving. In contrast, university students spend the first two years studying general knowledge before choosing a career. It takes more time than is necessary to begin a professional career, but it will pay off in the long run. Professional drivers go through classroom training covering everything from road safety to hazard avoidance to legal compliance and load handling. All this training is directly related to the future career that they will have as a professional driver.

The price of training for a Class 1 HGV license varies. First, drivers need to pass the Class 2 vehicle test. Alternatively, provisional lorry license holders can go straight to the class 1 test. Afterwards, a Class 1 HGV license is necessary if the driver wants to work for an HGV company.

Final Take

The best way to see Britain is as a truck driver. You get paid for doing your job, which means you can explore new places and revisit old ones without worrying about money!

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