The Top 6 Issues You Might Face If You Self-Publish Your Book

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Many new authors may believe it is easier to self-publish a book without realizing the challenges they would confront. It may appear simple when utilizing a publishing service like Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), or Draft2Digital.

It’s also true that uploading and publishing your Microsoft Word document, as well as adding a quick DIY book cover, maybe quite quick and simple. It will save you time and cost you next to nothing.

Will your book, however, be successful? You only have one chance to self-publish your prized writing, so make the most of it. But first, you must understand how to self-publish a book and how to avoid the pitfalls that may arise.

Read the post to learn about the top 6 issues and how to overcome them in order to succeed in self-publishing and sell more books.

1. Analysis and research

As a self-published author, the first challenge you may face is locating the ideal readers for your book. No book can possibly be intended for everyone. Different people have different options. As a result, promotion and research should be the first steps in self-publishing your book. Spend some time identifying your target audience. In this scenario, the internet will be useful because it has streamlined the process to some level.

Continue to browse and look at competing titles in your genre to see what piques your audience’s interest. Analyze the book review and learn about the reader’s preferences and dislikes. Adjust your manuscript to their preferences based on your results. Alternatively, you might conduct this research prior to writing your manuscript to ensure a satisfactory outcome and improved writing. This will assist you in better marketing the book.

2. Proofreading and Editing Your eBook

Even if you are an expert with your insights and experience to create your book, if it has grammatical errors, it may disappoint the readers. Long and winding sentences, as well as a lack of thought flow and uniformity, might irritate your readers. To avoid such blunders, it is best to engage experienced editing services.

If your budget won’t allow it, give the text to someone you can trust to offer you honest comments on anything that appears to be overly detailed or unclear.

If you can’t find this kind of help, hiring a freelance editor to polish your manuscript might be an excellent choice. Use online services for proofreading. Grammarly, for example, can be a useful tool for self-editing.

Another program that can assist you with in-depth analysis and detailed reports on various elements of your writing is ProWritingAid. These tools can help you detect grammar faults, repetitions, spelling errors, typos, and overused terms.

3. Formatting a Book

Readers are most irritated by poorly designed e-Books. You must consider margins, text justification, title consistency, font size, line spacing, headers, and subheadings when formatting. Also, pay attention to image placement and caption.

Avoid inconsistencies because they are not only unappealing to the eye but also detract from the reading experience. It’s a clear indication of a badly formatted book. When formatting your text for e-Books and PDF books, make sure that it is also easy to read.

4. Book Cover Design

When it comes to publishing a book, nothing kills it more than a shoddy cover design. The platform you choose to self-publish your book will give you the tools you need to create the cover. Rather than doing it yourself, investing in expert book cover design services can be a terrific option.

The design’s quality, color scheme, interest it creates, message it conveys, font, and content arrangement can either make or ruin your book. When you’re not comfortable with design software, hiring a professional e-Book cover design service can be the best way to get a cover that will pique readers’ interest. This will draw the reader’s attention and encourage them to buy your self-published book.

5. Book Description

Another issue you may have is with your book description. Give your book description, like the book cover, extra care because it is a crucial tool for attracting readers. Make a good description to let people know what your book is about. Tell them what they’ll get out of reading it. As you’re selling and marketing it online, include your keywords in the description.

Even if you have a strong knowledge of the subject, creating a comprehensive book description can be difficult, especially when you need to incorporate a sales pitch. If you don’t have the courage to do it yourself, hire a professional content writer to write an engaging back cover description for your book.

6. Book Promotion

The next issue you may encounter while self-publishing is marketing. If you do not correctly advertise your e-Book, your writing will be lost in the crowd. Major & Famous book publishers always have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place for both print and digital media. However, as a self-publisher, you may be working with a limited budget. As a result, the best approach is to promote your eBook on social media.

Among the various social media outlets, use the ones that give the most connection between you and your audience. Use social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to engage with your desired audience and promote your e-Book as much as possible. You can also enlist the support of your social media-aware acquaintances and friends to help you spread the word.


When self-publishing your book, make sure you’re aware of the issues listed above and prepared to address them. Being prepared for anything can ensure that your self-published book succeeds in attracting a large audience and driving sales.

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