The TVS WEGO Review and Hyundai i20 Sportz Mileage

The skyrocketing fuel prices have increased the need for fuel-efficient motorcycles and cars. TVS Wego in market from the past 12 years, has received good reviews for delivering 50 kms per litre. Also, Hyundai’s I20 Sportz Mileage in petrol variant is 20 kms per litre while the diesel variant has an average of 25 kms per litre. I20 sports from Hyundai is a born magnetic and leaves an unforgettable impression with its design DNA of sensuous sportiness. Apart from the sporty exterior features, its luxurious interiors add to the convenience and make it one of the most popular cars in its segment.

This article will discuss the TVS WEGO review for choosing the best scooter that gives more kms per litre than other scooters of the same price range.

The TVS Wego Review

TVS Wego has been a desirable scooter for over a decade because of its features, including the high mileage of 55 kms per litre. It is one of the many scooters the TVS company released in the past decades. TVS Wego is an amazing scooter with many features and benefits. The following advantages and disadvantages are shared in TVS WEGO Review

Advantages of TVS Wego

  • It is a unisex scooter suitable for both men and women
  • Gives 55 kms per liter is well above the other scooters in the market
  • A fully metallic body makes it look great and attractive
  • With body balance technology combined with ergonomic design gives the best performance
  • The high-powered engine placed at the optimum centre of gravity improves stability and manoeuvrability to handle all well in all weather and road conditions
  • Has won many awards for a best scooter from JD Power, NDTV, CNBC TV 18, Business Standard and others
  • The 12-inch alloy wheels also help well on bumpy roads the telescopic front suspension helps through the potholes
  • Enables easy access to the fuel tanks without the need to get up to fill them with access from the seat

There are a few cons, like the low fuel capacity tank and the brakes getting loose often, among others.

But with pros outnumbering the cons and most important of them being the high mileage of 55 kms per liter, TVS WEGO is still the most preferred unisex scooter in India.

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