TikTok SEO: Its Importance and How To Boost Video Search Results

SEO has been always been there, but TikTok is relatively a new concept. Here the term TikTok SEO is coined to enhance an account and make it appear at the top of the search results. So, if people are searching for a video through hashtags, you want them to see your videos in search.

TikTok has seemingly become a top social media platform where millions of people share 15 to 20 seconds of entertaining videos. The excellence of the app is not about just its popularity but the number of downloads. Its popularity has led other people to create similar apps.

The app is typically dominated by Gen Z, and the average age of users is between the ages of 18 to 24. TikTok applies algorithms that rank a video and eventually bring it to the top of searches. In this regard, TikTok SEO is eventually becoming a popular approach. The keyword trends with variations, and by clicking on the search and watching videos, they populate and have increased engagement rates. The robust techniques are growing every day and are being researched by the TikTok association.

Why Do You Need to Work On TikTok SEO?

So, before you go into the process of learning the tips and techniques, let’s crack the question; Why do you need TikTok SEO?

Considering the importance of SEO, you want your audience to see the video. Imagine you are putting so much effort into a video and there is no reach, the hard work is uncredited. As there are billions of users on the platform, TikTok SEO increases the potential to make video reachable. But the point to remember is TikTok is an entertainment platform, not a search engine. Over the years, it has become a competitive platform like YouTube and Google.

They are expanding immensely and now in September 2022, TikTok has expanded their post descriptions to 300 to 2,200 characters. It gives chances for brands to capitalize keywords and search is more discoverable with keywords.

For instance, if you are searching for a video like Can You Write Your Own Biography On Wikipedia, the keywords will help in coming across relevant videos.

so, the crux is, TikTok is working to make search better as people are now less patient. Moreover, TikTok wants people to search for the video element and create enhanced creativity.

The Ranking Factors Of TikTok Behind Ranking  

The factors behind the ranking of videos are an amalgamation of TikTok features and other basic social media practices. Here are some of the factors that are involved.

Information Of Video  

A TikTok algorithm shows the video that they think the audience must be interested in watching. So, here what factors matter the most is information to reach the potential audiences. The essentials of a video description are keywords, caption keywords, hashtags, effects, and content.

User’s Interactions

The strongest contender in this is the rate of video completion. The chances of a video making it to the top depend on this factor and are further pushed to distribution. So, you need to hold the user’s interaction and that includes, videos they follow, comments, content, and following accounts.  

Content Language

Three types of different languages can be set in a video. They are app language, preferred language, and app language. There is an interesting way to explore it. Several languages can be selected and one for automatic translation.

The Tips To Search Best Optimizing Keywords For TikTok

As much as the dynamics of every video platform are changing sometimes you need to rethink and restyle the videos. If you apply the right approach, it can be helpful in reaching a large audience and having massive visibility.

Go For The Right Keywords

Going into the next step is influenced by understanding the target audience and their search intent. There are three key components that need to be prioritized. Make sure you are aware of the search volume and how many people are looking for your video. Moreover, check how relevant are the keywords. And lastly, how difficult are the keywords, if the keywords are competitive the videos are hard to optimize.

Make The Best Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags may be dead but they work in the interest of TikTok videos. Well, do not throw every hashtag you find but by adding relevant hashtags, the algorithms understand the video better, thus helping in boosting engagement. Use social media hashtag tools to have a better suggestion of them.

Work On Under Generated Content

Youngsters are more inclined to use TikTok for entertainment and they like to discover content in the form of tips and recommendations. So, now it is time to collaborate with the UGC creator. It is an alternative to influencer marketing and UGC’s content is a paid one. 

As the dynamics of consumer behavior are changing so is the search power. Do, approaching TikTok SEO can definitely help in having discoverability. The key to this requires some focus and following what is best.

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