Top 5 Types of Pillow Fillers to Use – Explained

types of fillers for pillow

There are too many alternatives available when it comes to pillow filling, including down, memory foam, latex, polyesters and feathers. Which is the best? It’s difficult to say. Choosing one of them is challenging since each one of them has a different combination of advantages and drawbacks. 

The filling in a pillow affects how it feels and whether it is pleasant or not. Each filler has a unique feel, and not every type of filling will suit every person. In other words, you can’t be sure whether a certain kind of stuffing is good for you unless you’ve tried it.

Below are the lists of the Top 5 popular pillow fillers you can use in your cushions or pillows.

Types of Pillow Fillers to Choose From- 


If we talk about one of the market’s most popular filler options, then it is none other than foam. They are readily available and help restore your cushion to the original feel. You will come across a variety of foams. Just keep in mind that not all foam works in every situation. 

Hollow Fibre ( Polyester ) 

The hollow fiber got its name from the open thread used while manufacturing them. Cotton threads are occasionally used in hollow fiber filling; however polyester is more frequently employed. The fabric is breathable and extremely warm because the open lines allow air to pass through them. Hollow fiber feels lighter and more bouncy than foam, a thick material. Hollow fiber is highly well-liked for bedding, such as duvets and sleeping bags, due to all these qualities. It also creates supportive cushions, though.

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Feather Fillers 

The most comfortable cushion filling is probably feather. Due to the fact that it is created from actual goose feathers, it is also the most costly. You may purchase feather or down-filled cushions in addition to the usual comforters or pillows. One of the drawbacks is after some time, the feathers may become lumpy and uneven due to the feathers’ tendency to squeeze over time. The firmness of cushions filled with down feathers may not be as high as you would want. 


A synthetic combination called polyester filling is frequently used in couches and cushions. You could discover that furniture with polyester cushions is more cost-effective since the filling is less expensive than some other alternatives. If you are filling your own pillows, there are a variety of polyester mixes from which you can pick. However, you’ll probably discover that the makers won’t disclose the precise combination they employ if you buy furniture with polyester cushions.


While batting is still not utilized as a cushion filler, it is frequently used to wrap cushions to avoid slippage, offer more softness, and provide extra support. Cotton polyester, or wool can be used to make batting, most frequently used with foam filling. You are sure to discover one with the properties you want, such as hypoallergenic or water-resistant because it is available in various materials.

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