Top 6 Tips for succulent beginners

tips to take care of your succulents
    The thing is common that as a newbie in gardening you might end up killing all your plants. Also the low maintenance plants like succulents are difficult to choose if you are a beginner.

Most of the succulents prefer the sun or outdoors to thrive. If you choose an indoor plant, then go for the plants that can tolerate the shades and can grow indoors.
Even if you are growing your succulent indoors, you should put them in the window for 4-6 hours.

    Watering the succulents in the right way is extremely important.

As succulents are different from normal plants. Their natural habitat is basically from the desert areas, this makes them capable of storing water. That’s why succulents do not need as much water as normal plants.
It is suggested only to water the succulents when the soil gets completely dry. Depending on the weather and temperature, it could be once every week or once every 10-14 days. Don’t water on the leaves, water on the soil. If you are a resident of dry or sunny areas, then it is okay. If you are living in humid areas, this will result in rotten leaves.

    There are a variety of pots available in the market in which you can plant your succulent. Although they need to be breathable and have good drainage holes in it. As the succulents do not like to be in water for a long time as more humidity makes their roots rot.
    If you are new to growing succulent, make sure you use a pot with a drainage hole.
    It is recommended not to use normal soil mix for succulents. However normal soil is good for the plants and rich with minerals but succulents grow better in dry or well drained soil. If the soil holds too much water, your succulents can easily get root rot.
    Succulents at least need 4-6 hours of sunlight. Few of the succulents generally have high heat tolerance capacity but they don’t like scorching sun. If your plant is getting sunburned or getting browned then it is a sign that it is getting too much sunlight. When it’s getting too sunny then it is good to move the plants to a place with low sunlight. Although succulents can tolerate shade, they don’t like to stay in place because of the lack of sunlight either.
    If your succulents are decaying then the insects and pests will love hobor over them. So keep your plants clean and tidy if you want them to be healthy. Just get rid of the dry or the rotten leaves on a regular basis and check if the plants are having overwater.

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