Top 7 Premium Skin Care Brands

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Everyone is aware of the advantages of following a healthy skin care regimen. It is equally crucial to utilize high-quality skin care products to ensure that your skin truly gets the nourishment it needs. Because they include so many synthetic components, drugstore skin care products may damage your skin over time. The perfect thing you can do for your skin right now is to make an early investment in premium skin care lines.

Numerous good brands in the market match all quality standards and offer the best result. Ikaria Beauty is a high-performing brand that offers an incredible blend of quality and potential at affordable prices. The bio engineering based professionally made products comes with all natural ingredients. If you are interested in this brand and want to know more in-depth, visit Ikaria Beauty Review. Top 7 Premium Skin Care Brands

Best Premium Skin Care Brands

  1. Dr. Barbara Sturm

The brand offers upscale skin care products based on molecular cosmetics, which use the body’s proteins to fight age. These products help you get a natural, healthy glow whenever you need it by bringing radiance back to tired, dull skin. As the brand’s products are high in nutrients and offer fast results, you can use these with zero risk. Premium Skin Care.

  1. True Botanicals

True Botanicals has received 100 percent certification from MADE SAFE, the most thorough safety and sustainability certification process available. The True Botanical product line also contains skin-loving ingredients made from plant actives. These products are well known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, the ingredient list includes green tea leaf extract, which is well known for lowering inflammation and treating skin prone to acne. Due to its ability to moisturize & nourish skin while shielding it from pollution and free radicals, it prevents dullness and fine wrinkles. 

  1. SkinCeuticals

Celebrities, dermatologists, and editors of beauty magazines all like SkinCeuticals. The product of the brand helps users with skin cancer by enhancing their skin’s healing capacities. Besides that, before launching into the market, these products undergo evaluation and testing using high techniques. After passing all these quality standards, they enter the market and offer irresistible benefits to all skin types.

  1. Augustinus Bader

It is one of the few legendary luxury skincare companies in the USA. Augustinus Bader is the owner of this premium skin care brand. He has spent decades researching the impact of stem cells, particularly on burn victims. 

Furthermore, all the skin care product available here includes Trigger Factor Complex, also known as TFC8. Trigger Factor Complex is a proprietary blend of amino acids, peptides, and vitamins that activates cells and essentially “teaches” them to self-regulate. 

  1. La Mer

Any luxury skin care collection must include products from La Mer. The origin story of this high-end skincare company is amazing as they come. Aerospace physicist Max Huber developed it to treat burns after a lab accident. Its skincare line offers a special blend of fermented, naturally healing ingredients like sea kelp, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Serums, balms, and body products are all part of the collection and have amazing results. 

  1. Drunk Elephant

The brand has become one of the most rapidly growing luxury skincare brands. The primary reason for this is its vibrant neon packaging and design. The entire skin care line is made to work together harmoniously and offers the best possible outcomes. Furthermore, this upscale skin care line contains both natural and synthetic ingredients. Best of all, none of their products contain essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, artificial smells, colors, or SLS.

  1. Neutrogena

Neutrogena offers top dermatologist-recommended skincare products. You can purchase these products at any nearby drugstore or online platform. You don’t need to spend much on effective goods that dermatologists recommend. Moreover, all these products come with scientific backing and help with various skin care-related issues. For instance, you can use these products to address any and all concerns regarding the complexion, from acne to aging. Besides that, they also work great as a sunscreen so that you will get all these benefits in this single item. 

Final Words: which premium skin care brand would you choose

We use several skin care products every day to make our skin seem better. To nurture our skin, we must use products only from reputable brands. Therefore, it makes sure to shop from a brand that puts its customer security and satisfaction at the top. 

There are many online and offline premium skin care brands available. We have covered some of the top skin care brands here. Purchasing a high-end skincare line may cost you a little more, but it is definitely worth it. Additionally, there is a vast range of products you can choose from, so you can effectively select the best suitable match for your skin.

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